Assessment, accountability, and academic achievement, specifications for

Assessment and accountability, revision

Assessment and accountability, revisions to

Assessment, arts and humanities

Automated external defibrillators, availability and training in schools

Best in Class program, loans, forgiveness and repayment

Board of Education, physical activity for children, reporting of

Collective bargaining in public schools

Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18

Compulsory school age, remove 17 to 18 provision

Digital citizenship, include in professional development

Disaster days, approval make-up for

Disaster days, make up of

Disaster days, makeup for

Disaster days, makeup of

Disaster days, request for

District employee activity, school board campaign

District vacancy, procedures for filling

Dropout rate, goals, grant award criteria

Education Professional Standards Board, James G. Hughley, appointment confirmation

Education Professional Standards Board, Laranna Lynn May, appointment confirmation

Education Professional Standards Board, Lonnie R. Anderson, appointment confirmation

Education Professional Standards Boards, confirmation Sandy Sinclair-Curry

Educational Profession Standards Board, confirmation Sandy Sinclair-Curry

Educational Professional Standards Board, members of, confirmation of

Employment contract, minimum school term

High school newspapers, freedom of the press

Home school students, participation in interscholastic extracurricular activities

Instructional day, approval to extend

Instructional methods, voter registration and voting

Kentucky educator award and recognition fund

Kentucky Educators Week, declaration of

Leave of absence

Loan Forgiveness, Best in Class

Loan forgiveness, eligibility for

Local boards of education, requirements for hiring coaches

Master's degree, tuition waived for

Mathematics, core content and assessments, revision

Presidents' Day, optional school holiday

Religious viewpoints, student expression of

School calendar, disaster days

Service credit, requirements for

Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Statewide assessment, writing portfolios, eliminate

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Teacher certification, assessments and internship, beginning teachers

Teacher work day requirements, school-based decision making council, determination by

Technology, digital citizenship

Tenure, urge KCTCS board to keep tenure

VFW National Citizenship Teacher Award, Thompson, Carmen, recognition of nomination

Writing portfolios, remove from elementary school CATS assessment

Writing program, use of

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