Civil Actions

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring prohibition

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring, prohibition of

Blue Sky Law, private right of action

Business entities, operation of

Business entities, uniform filing procedures

Carbon dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation for

Child custody and visitation rights for deployed armed services members, protection of

Child custody determination, additional factor for

Child Custody determination, additional factor for, deletion of

Child custody, factors in determining

Civil enforcement of planning and zoning violations

Civil litigation funding companies, regulation of

Constitutional amendment, damages recoverable, General Assembly may limit

Crime victims' compensation, proceeds from sale of crime memorabilia

Dating violence, definition of

Direct care staff, ICF/MR resident, failure to supervise, penalties

District Court, jurisdictional limits, increase

Domestic Relations, personal identifiers

Domestic violence and abuse

Domestic violence orders, global positioning monitoring system for

Domestic violence, orders of protection

Domestic violence, provisions relating to

Employer's duties, jury service

Equity of redemption in personal property, action for

Global Positioning System monitoring, expansion of

Global positioning technology operated by counties, requirements for

Good Samaritan, nonliability for emergency care, expand to all persons

Guardians and conservators, jurisdiction between states

Immunity, emergency care, provision of

Inmates lawsuits, orders, service of

Internet defamation, urge Congress to prevent absolute anonymity of defamer

Judgement liens, extent of on jointly owned real property

Judgment liens on jointly owned real property, extent of

Limitation of action, 90 to 180 days, extension from

Limitation of action, extension from 90 to 180 days

Local board of education, taxpayer payment of court costs and attorneys fees

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Medical malpractice, Department of Insurance requirements for claims

Municipal utility, statutory lien, creation of

Name, change of

Orders, domestic violence, use of global positioning monitoring

Paternity, determination, evidence and venue, clarification and updating of

Planning and zoning violations, enforcement of

Practitioner or pharmacist coerced to provide drugs, prohibition of action against

Prisoners, conditions of confinement

Prisoners, conditions of confinement and other challenges

Prisoners, conditions of confinement for

Prisoners, confinement and other challenges, conditions of

Process, who may serve

Receivers, appointment and duties of

Sales representatives' contracts, commissions, and termination

Security interest, assignment or pledge, recording of

Sex offenders, public park restrictions relating to

Sexual offenses, restraining order, issuance of

Silicosis disease claims

Small claims division, District court, jurisdiction increase

Sustainable agriculture, refine definition of

Sustainable agriculture, water references, require for regulations

Trusts and estates, administration and distribution of

Utility lien, enforcement, procedure for

Utility lien, property of lessor, prohibition of attachment to

Vacation of judgements, when entered prior to age of majority

Veterinarians, animal abuse, reporting

Waste, prevention of

Writs of possession, prior demand requirement

Wrongful discharge, statute of limitations for

Wrongful incarceration, civil claim for

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