Criminal Procedure

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements

Abortion, prohibitions relating to

Abortion, ultrasound requirements for

Accident and disaster victims, solicitation of

Adam Walsh Act, compliance with

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment, pregnant and post-partum women

Animal fighting, expand crimes related to

Artifact theft, urge training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts relating to

Assault, commission by strangulation against family member

Business entities, omnibus revision

Business solicitation, accidents

Child's misdemeanor sex offense records provision to school, when

Citation, when required instead of making an arrest

Concealed deadly weapon, conservation officer may carry

Concealed deadly weapon, original compartment, space, or container of motor vehicle, permitted in

Concealed deadly weapon, statewide carry, add court commissioners

Concealed weapons, motor vehicles in

Controlled substances, personal access to database records

Controlled substances, salvia, addition to Schedule 1

Controlled substances, salvia, addition to Schedule I

Controlled substances, synthetic cannabinoids and piperazines, addition to Schedule I

Culpable mental state definitions

Custody, failure to return to

Dating violence

Death penalty, abolish

Debt adjusters and debt-adjusting services, requirements and prohibitions

Deception, theft by, check for insufficient funds

Disarming a peace officer, add new devices

Diseased animal, eliminate killing of

Domestic violence assault, high misdemeanor, classified as

Domestic violence, dating partners, include

Domestic violence, inclusion of dating partners

Domestic violence order, prohibit possession of firearm during time order is in effect

Domestic violence, provisions relating to

Domestic violence, trespass at shelter for abused

Driver's license, identification card, issuance to released felon

DUI, aggravating circumstances and increased penalties, lower alcohol concentration for

DUI, controlled substance use, violation for

DUI convictions, prohibition from carrying firearm in a motor vehicle, exception

DUI convictions, prohibition from carrying firearm in a motor vehicle, exception for

DUI, costs for suspect directed medical tests

DUI, costs for suspect-directed medical tests

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, responsibility for testing costs

DUI, violation for controlled substance use

Electronic warrant program, establish

Employer's duties, jury service

Evading process, criminal penalty for

Expungement of record when person found innocent

Expungement of records,criminal history

Firearms, New State Capitol Building, prohibit in

Fish and wildlife and boating offenses, omnibus revision

Fish and wildlife offenses, administrative regulations, requirement of

Fish and wildlife offenses, when administrative regulations required

Gang, criminal

Global positioning monitoring

Good time credit, expansion

Good time service credit, award and use of

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

Identification and tracking devices, implantation in humans

Interviews, minors, criminal conduct

Law enforcement agency, report VIN on stolen items to NCIC

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Medical facilities, jail, state prisoner copayment for use of

Merchant's bad check fee, standards for imposition of

Methamphetamine precursors

Murder, registration of offenders

Nonsupport and flagrant non-support, spouse and ex-spouse

Nonsupport and flagrant non-support, spouse and ex-spouse, deletion of

Nude image of minor, transmission, possession

Nude images of a person, transmission or possession by a minor

Parole board, membership and operation of

Parole Board, membership, duties, qualifications, and administration of parole

Parole board, operation and membership of

Parole, credit for time during, loss of

Parole credit, revocation of

Parole, granting of

Parole, medical, granting of

Penal Code and Controlled Substances Drafting Group, creation, duties

Persistent felony offenders, mental examination of

Persistent felony offenders, sentencing of

Postal inspections, United States inspectors, Kentucky peace officer powers for

Postal inspectors, US, Kentucky peace officer powers for

Prison industries enhancement program

Prosecution of Commercial Vehicle Inspection Violations, peace officer inspection authority

Pseudoephedrine, possession or sale of

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Robbery, theft of controlled substance, inclusion of

Salvia possession, trafficking, and cultivation, prohibition of

Salvia, synthetic cannabinoids and other substances, Schedule I controlled substances, addition to

Severe mental illness, defined

Sex offenders, prohibitions, restrictions, and registration requirements relating to

Sex offenders, public park restrictions relating to

Sexual abuse by enforcement or persons operating confinement facility

Sexual abuse in the first degree, by person operating confinement facility

Sexual offenses, restraining order, issuance of

Sexual relations between inmate and person employed by detention facility or agency, prohibition of

Sexually oriented business, separation of employees from patrons

Sexually oriented business, separation of semi-nude employees from patrons

Shock probation, availability in DUI cases

Special local peace officers, assault upon

State or federally donated food commodities, diversion of

Substance endangerment of a child prior to birth

Synthetic cannabinoids and other listed substances, add to Schedule I controlled substances

Synthetic cannabinoids and other listed substances, Schedule I controlled substance, add to

Synthetic cannabinoids and piperazines, possession, trafficking, and manufacture, prohibition of

Theft offense, drivers license eligibility when restitution is unpaid

Theft offenses, loss of driving privilege

Thefts, failure to pay restitution, hardship license availability

Trespass, domestic violence shelter

United States Mint Police, peace officer, powers of

United States Postal Inspectors, peace officer, powers of

Veterinarians, animal abuse, reporting

Voyeurism, offenses relating to minors

Wrongful incarceration, civil claim for

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