Elections and Voting

Absentee balloting, provision for

Absentee overseas ballots, electronic submission of

alcoholic beverage sales, regulation of

Campaign finance report forms, no change option

Campaign finance reports, advertising services or material

Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of

Candidates for special election, procedures for

Citizens United case, expression of disappointment over U.S. Supreme Court decision in

Constitution, amendment to clarify, no right for abortion created

Constitutional amendment, ballot on

Constitutional Amendment, ballot question

Constitutional amendment, damages recoverable, General Assembly may limit

Date of the primary and presidential primary, change of

Date of the primary, change of

Declaration of intent, time for filing

Felon, restoration of rights

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Filing date for candidates, change of

Filing dates for candidates, change of

Fish and Wildlife Commission, registered motor boat owners, ineligibility to vote for

General Assembly member, contribution from legislative agent in race for Governor or Lt. Governor

General Assembly member, legislative agent in race for Governor or Lt. Governor, contribution by

High misdemeanor, domestic violence assault classified as

Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in

Local option election petition, public hearing authorized for

Local option elections, election day prohibition on alcohol sales

Local school board members, election of

Odd-numbered-year sessions, budget enacted in

Personal funds, definition of

Pilot program for mail-in ballots, establishment of

Political organization 527 committees, registration

Political organization 527 committees, registration and reporting

Precinct officer, candidate for office, prohibition of

Prerecorded political messages, prohibit to telephone numbers on Do Not Call Registry

Primary, party gubernatorial candidate, restrictions for

Referendum on state officials' salaries as set by commission, constitutional amendment allowing

Registered independents, primaries, participation in

Registered Independents, primaries, participation in

Registry of Election Finance, confirmation, Kenneth F. Harper

School board districts, voters, eligibility of

School board member vacancy, selection process

School board members, qualifications, criminal background check

State Board of Elections, appoint member of county board of elections, circumstance for

Study of centralized centers in counties, option of

Temporary replacement on county board of elections, sheriff and county clerk to name

Video lottery terminals in counties with racetracks, voter approval of, constitutional amendment

Voter registration and voting, instruction, secondary schools to provide

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