Emergency Medical Services

911 communication, procedure for obtaining

911 emergency services, funding of

911 emergency services, improvement and funding of

Civil immunity, emergency care, provision of

Dementia emergency medical service providers, training for

Dementia training, urge cities to implement

Examination services for victims of sexual offenses, modification of

Good Samaritan, nonliability for emergency care, expand to all persons

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

Opioid antidote naloxone, availability, expansion of

Opioid antidote naloxone, expand availability of

Paramedics, expansion of practice, direct LRC staff study of

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

Pharmacists, emergency authority for

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, medical education concerning

Sexual assault exams, disabled person's consent, deletion of

Sexual assault exams, related services, reimbursal for

State death benefits, emergency responder in ambulance, eligibility for

Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of

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