Advertising services or material, campaign finance reports, slate of candidates

Breaks Interstate Park, peace officers, commissioning of

Children's health advisory council, establishment of

Children's health advisory council, naming of

Domestic violence assault, high misdemeanor, classified as

Election, Lt. Gov., forth Tuesday after primary, designation of

Executive Order 2009-542, confirmation of Personnel Cabinet reorganization

Executive Order 2009-754, confirmation of

Firearms and ammunition order declaring martial law, protection from surrender

Freedom of Choice in health care decisions, no compromise

General Assembly member, contribution from legislative agent in race for Governor

General Assembly member, legislative agent in race for Governor or Lt. Governor, contribution by

Governor, gender-neutral language for

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage, appointment of members

Kentucky National Guard, aides-de-camp, requirement for

Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, executive director, experience and qualifications of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, trustee appointments, and qualifications

Pharmacists, emergency authority, granted by

Pharmacists, emergency authority, granted for

Proclamation, Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Publications, distribution and online filing of

Running mate selection, delay until after primary

Salary constitutional amendment establishing commission to set

Slate of candidates, Lieutenant Governor, nomination, declaration of

Special local peace officers, no new appointments, effective July 15, 2010

State aircraft, report to commission use of

State Board of Agriculture, appointment to

State parks, alcoholic beverages, permission to sell

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

Tennessee Valley Authority, peace officer, commissioning

Tennessee Valley Authority, peace officers, commissioning of

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