Actuarial opinion, file summary with opinion

Actuary, gross negligence, misconduct included as act of

Adjuster, clarify employee licensure exemption for

Adjusters, amend definitions pertaining to

Annuities, guaranteed living benefit requirements

Annuities, guaranteed living benefits, LRS staff study of

Annuities, nonforfeiture

Annuities, surrender charges

Audit, lead or coordinating partner, limitation of

Audits, restrict use of lead or coordinating audit partner to five consecutive years

Autism spectrum disorder, health insurance coverage

Autism spectrum disorder, health insurance coverage for

Captive insurers, definitions

Captive insurers filings and reports, streamlining

Captive insurers, formation

Captive insurers, minimum capital for specified captives, lowering of

Captive insurers redomestication process, simplification

Captives, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, delete provisions relating to

Chiropractic services, insurer, definition of

Coal mine subsidence insurance, reinsurance, living expenses, increase for

Confidentiality and privilege protections, regulatory person or entity, limit to

Control of insurer, require insurer to pay for hearing notice

CPI adjustment to insurance payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty

Dental services, contracts for

Dental services, disclosure of fees for services not covered by benefit plan

Department of Insurance, technical amendments

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and retinopathy, coverage required

Domestic insurers, examination cycle

Elevator contractor proof of insurance, permitted insurance providers to issue insurance policy for

Elevator contractors and fire sprinkler inspectors, insurance coverage to be carried by

Elevator contractors, insurance to be carried by

Federal mandate to purchase, Kentucky individuals and business entities, exempt

Group life, contributions and coverage

Health, autism coverage, definition of "medically necessary," deletion of

Health benefit, mandate coverage for acquired brain injuries

Health, chiropractor reimbursement

Health, increase mandate for autism spectrum disorders

Health insurance, federal requirements

Health, reimbursement of chiropractors

Health, uniform application forms, requirement of

Hospitals contracts with insurer, required provisions

Insurance agent, exchange of business for a life or health line of authority

Insurer, delete agent from definition

Insurer, protection of consumer financial information required

Kentucky Access, eligibility requirements

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, Office of Insurance, prescribe rate filing forms for

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, rate filing requirements for

Kentucky Employer's Mutual Insurance, dividends, requirement for

Ky. Mutual Insurance (KEMI), dividend distributions required

Liability self-insurance groups, conflict of interest policy, establish

Liability self-insurance groups, investments, rehabilitation and liquidation

Liability self-insurance groups, quarterly financial statements, required filings

Licensing, employee or supervisee of an adjuster or an affiliate, clarify exemption for

Licensing, negotiate, definition of

Licensing, requirements of

Life, required notice of options

Limited line of authority, rental vehicle

Local government, premium tax

Local government premium tax reporting, requirement for

Loss run statement, covering five-year history required

Loss run statement, written request by insurer required

Loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding

Mine Subsidence Insurance, increased reinsurance coverage limits, additional living expenses covered

Motor vehicle repair claims, right to choose repair facility

National Association of Insurance Commissioners, delete references to

Nonprofit health maintenance organizations, regulation of

Nonresident agents, amend to comply with national standards

Penalty, daily fine for failure to timely submit loss run statement imposed

Physician profiling programs, restrictions

Premium taxes, local government

Producer Licensing Act, adopt to expand scope to all licensees

Property and casualty, commercial loss run statements

Property and casualty insurer, examination cycle

Quasi-governmental agencies selling insurance, disclosure requirements for

Radon professionals, general liability insurance, requirement for

Radon professionals, general liability insurance, terminology for

Rail carriers, liability insurance required

Rental vehicle agent and managing employee, add to limited line of authority

Rental vehicle agent and rental vehicle agent managing employee, define

Reorganization, Department of Insurance, Executive Order 2009-535

Self-insurance groups, compliance with unfair trade practice provisions, require

State property, purchase for

Workers' compensation, income and medical benefits, attorney's fees, modifications

Workers' compensation, special fund payoff extended

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