House Bill 442

Last Action to Licensing & Occupations (H)
Title AN ACT relating to elevator safety and making an appropriation therefor.
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Bill Request Number 191
Sponsor E. Ballard
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS 198B.400 to 198B.540, relating to elevator safety, to allow only a licensed elevator mechanic working under the general supervision of an elevator contractor to install or work on elevators and fixed guideway systems; form the Elevator Advisory Committee within the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction; establish committee membership and meeting rules; require licensure from the office to work as an elevator mechanic or elevator contractor; set licensure qualifications and application requirements; allow for annual license renewal; permit the office to issue emergency and temporary licenses; mandate 8 hours of continuing education for each elevator contractor and mechanic license renewal; require various types of insurance coverage for elevator contractors; direct elevator contractors to provide proof of insurance based on an insurance policy issued by an insurance company or other legal entity permitted to transact insurance business in Kentucky; allow elevator contractors and mechanics with 3 years of verifiable experience to practice without meeting the license requirements if they apply before January 1, 2012; disclaim any effect on the liability of any persons or the Commonwealth as a result of KRS 198B.400 to 198B.540; list reasons for licensee discipline and establish related hearing and appellate procedures; establish the elevator safety program trust fund as a separate revolving fund to be administered by the office; amend KRS 198B.400 to define terms; amend KRS 198B.410 and 198B.420 to include fixed guideway systems within the coverage of the safety act; allow any person to request and the office to conduct an investigation of an alleged violation of the safety act; amend KRS 198B.450 to clarify that the $1 certificate replacement fee applies only to elevator inspectors; amend KRS 198B.460 to relieve elevator or fixed guideway system owners or lessees from the requirement to provide registration information if the office already has the information in its possession; require elevators and fixed guideway systems for which construction has begun after January 1, 2011, to be registered at the time they are completed and placed in service; amend KRS 198B.470 to exempt listed types of devices from the annual inspection requirements, including material lifts, grain elevators, mine elevators, and freight elevators at a licensed distillery; amend KRS 198B.480 to require office approval for elevator or fixed guideway system changes or repairs; amend KRS 198B.490 to allow the office to consult with engineering authorities and organizations on safety standards; list national standards for the office to follow or modify when promulgating administrative regulations related to safety standards; mandate that any office standards be consistent with the Kentucky standards of safety and the uniform state building code; amend KRS 198B.510 to require that new elevator and fixed guideway system installations be performed by a licensed elevator contractor; mandate an inspection of all new elevators, platform lifts, and stairway chairlifts in private residences; permit future inspection of devices at private residences at the request of the owner, with the inspection fee payable by the owner; require the office to set fees for inspections at private residences; amend KRS 198B.520 to set out circumstances where a construction or repair permit may be revoked or expired; amend KRS 198B.530 to make all elevator fees and fines payable to the elevator safety program trust fund; amend KRS 198B.990 to increase the penalty for violations from a maximum fine of $500 to a minimum of $500 with a maximum fine of $3,000; make technical corrections; name KRS 198B.400 to 198B.540 the "Kentucky Elevator Safety Act"; EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2011; APPROPRIATION.
Index Headings of Original Version Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Elevator safety, administrative regulations to be promulgated regarding
Fees - Housing, buildings and construction office, elevator safety fees collected by
Housing, Building, and Construction - Elevator safety, office to administer with the elevator safety advisory committee
Inspections - Elevator inspections, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to coordinate
State Agencies - Elevator safety and inspections, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to coordinate
Insurance - Elevator contractors, insurance to be carried by
Licensing - Elevator contractors and mechanics, licensure by housing, buildings and construction required for
Occupations and Professions - Elevator contractors and mechanics, licensure by housing, buildings and construction required for
Popular Names and Short Titles - Kentucky Elevator Safety Act
State Agencies - Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction, elevator safety and inspection to be coordinated by
Workers' Compensation - Elevator contractors, workers' compensation insurance to be carried by


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