Occupations and Professions

Accountants, engineers, and land surveyors, licensure and regulation of

Acupuncture, licensing of

Advance practice registered nurses, prescriptions and immunization certifications by

Advance registered nurse practitioners, terminology for

Advanced practice registered nurses, authority to complete reports and certifications

Advanced practice registered nurses, licensing of

Advanced registered nurse practitioners, practice, scope of

Advanced registered nurse practitioners' practice, scope of

Advanced registered nurse practitioners' prescriptive authority, scope of

Advanced registered nurse practitioners, scope of practice for

Advanced registered nurse practitioners, terminology for

Applied behavior analysis, licensure of practitioners

Appraisal management companies, real estate appraisers board to set a reasonable filing fee for

Auditory screening report, definition of

Barbers, licensed barber to serve as board administrator

Barbers, require a licensed barber as the board administrator

Blue Sky Law, provisions regarding

Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, an Pedorthics, limit on fees charged by

Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics, limit on fees charged by

Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics, limitations on service as a member of

Board of Registration for Professional Geologists, allow designee of state geologist to serve on

Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Kentucky Board of Radon Professionals, creation of

Capital construction, resident bidder, definition of

Certified fire sprinkler inspectors, fees and appellate venue for

Certified public accountant license renewal and reinstatement, effective dates and fees regarding

Certified public accountants, licensure requirements for

Chiropractor, technical correction

Court reporters, court reporter board, establishment of

Court reporters, licensure by Finance and Administration Cabinet required for

Dead human bodies, initial removal, requirements for

Dental services, contracts for

Dental services, disclosure of fees for services not covered by benefit plan

Denture identification, requirement for

Diabetes educators, licensing of

Dialysis technicians, criminal background check for

Electrical inspectors and certified energy-efficient product installers, licensing issues regarding

Electrical inspectors, inactive license and renewal fees, conditional exemption from

Electricians, biennial license renewal

Elevator contractor proof of insurance, permitted insurance providers to issue insurance policy for

Elevator contractors and mechanics, licensure by housing, buildings and construction required for

Elevator contractors, elevator mechanics, and fire sprinkler inspectors, regulation of

Elevator mechanic license, public university maintenance employees, requirement for

Engineer and land surveyor board, staggered term for one land surveyor member of

Engineers and land surveyors, license and permits, application process, practice requirements

Engineers and land surveyors, license and permits, application process, practice requirements for

Engineers and surveyors, business practice, make requirements for

Fire sprinkler inspectors, certification of

Geologist registration for state and local employees, effective date for requirement of

Geologists, biennial registration renewal

Geologists, continuing education for registration renewal, make requirement for

Geologists, continuing education for renewal, requirement for

Geologists, maximum fine for chapter violation, imposition of

Geologists, maximum fine for violation of chapter, imposition of

Geologists, registration renewal, extend to biennial

Geologists, state and federal employee registration requirements, remove exemption for

Geologists, state and federal employees registration, removal of exemption for

Health professions, use of interpretations allowed

Immunizations, administration of

Independent boards or commissions, disbandment prohibited for failure to meet regulatory thresholds

Insurance agents and brokers, right to enroll individuals and employers in national health plan

Insurance loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding

Kentucky Board of Dentistry, omnibus chapter revisions

Landscape architects, administration of public works construction contracts by

Massage therapy, licensing of

Mitigation professionals, measurement professionals, radon laboratories, change in requirements for

Mold remediation companies, minimum mold remediation standards to be followed by

Mold remediation, establish standards for

Notary, elements of signature and seal, serial number, requirement for

Occupational board administrative services process, independent board or commission defined for

Occupational boards, procedure to transfer administrative services or disband small boards

Paramedics, expansion of practice, direct LRC staff study of

Pawnbrokers, requirements for

Pawnbrokers, transactions, registry of

Pedorthists, orthotists, and prosthetists, licensing of

Pharmacists, immunizations, administration of

Pharmacists, technical correction

Pharmacy technicians, charitable organizations, waive application fee for

Pharmacy technicians working only as a charitable organization volunteer, waive application fee for

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority for

Physician assistants, emergency medical assistance, provisions for

Physician assistants, licensure, requirements for

Physician assistants, misrepresentation, penalties for

Physicians and nurses, collaborative agreement guidelines, establishment of

Prison industries enhancement program

Prostethics, orthotics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic licensing and regulation, therapeutic shoe fitters exempt

Prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic licensure, nationally certified practitioners exempted from

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Prosthetist, orthotist, pedorthist, and orthotic fitter licensure, direct LRC staff study of

Prosthetists, orthotists, and pedorthists, licensing of

Psychologists, licensing practitioners of

Psychology, licensing practitioners of

Public employees, omnibus collective bargaining bill for

Radon professionals and radon laboratories, certification of

Real estate appraisal management companies

Real estate appraisal management companies, business practices of

Real estate brokers, branch office, extend radius requirements

Real estate brokers, license renewal, requirements for

Real estate licensure, denial or revocation for sex crime conviction

Realtors, duty to provide fence laws to purchaser of property adjacent to farm

Realtors, licensing of

Surgical assistants, certification of

The Kentucky Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics, establishment of

Video lottery terminal suppliers and operators, licensing of

Wholesale distribution, pedigree requirements, exemptions from

Wholesale distribution, prescription drugs exemption, blood banks

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