Motor Vehicles

Accident reports, open records, exemption from

Accident victim, prohibit solicitation

Anatomical gifts

Anatomical gifts, requirements for, establishment of

Anatomical gifts, revised uniform act, enactment of

Automated vehicle information system, definition

Car cruise capital of Kentucky, designation of Somerset as

Chevrolet Corvette, official state sports car

Child booster seat requirements, age and size limits, increase of

Commercial driver's license agricultural exemptions, urge the U.S. D.O.T. or Congress to enhance

Commercial motor vehicles, advanced safety systems, urging Congressional support of tax credit for

Concealed deadly weapon, original compartment, space, or container of motor vehicle, permitted in

Concealed weapons, motor vehicles in

Corvette, official state sports car

Dealer's plates, who may operate

Disability-equipped automobile, church-owned, exemption from tax for

Disabled veteran license plates, elimination of fees for

District Court, venue for appeal of Transportation Cabinet title decisions, designation of

Driver's license, identification card, issuance to released felon

DUI, aggravating circumstances and increased penalties, lower alcohol concentration for

DUI, controlled substance use, violation for

DUI convictions, prohibition from carrying firearm in a motor vehicle, exception

DUI convictions, prohibition from carrying firearm in a motor vehicle, exception for

DUI, costs for suspect directed medical tests

DUI, costs for suspect-directed medical tests

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, responsibility for testing costs

DUI, violation for controlled substance use

Farm vehicle registrations, voluntary donation to agricultural program trust fund

Gold Star Fathers license plate, establishment of

Gold Star Fathers special license plate, establishment of

Gold Star Mothers or Gold Star Spouses special license plates, additional plates, purchase of

Golf carts on local roads, increase allowable distance from golf course

Headlamp use, require at all times vehicle is operated on highway

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate

Instructional permit holders, required display of decals when operating a motor vehicle

Insurance coverage requirement, standards for violation of

Insurance loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding

Law enforcement agency, report VIN on stolen items to NCIC

License plate fees, 100 percent disabled veterans, exemption from

License plate fees, World War II veterans, exemption from

License plates, In God We Trust, establish as alternate standard-issue plate

License plates, stay with seller upon transfer or trade-in

Mini-trucks, inclusion in definition of motor vehicle

Motor vehicle dealer relocation, establish 10-year prohibition term

Motor vehicle dealers, licensure fees for

Motor vehicle manufacturers or distributors, licensure fees for

Motor vehicle use tax, provide trade in credit

Motorcycle safety education fund, clarify contributions to

Motorcycle sidecars, delete registration fees for

New motor vehicle dealerships, prior revocation by manufacturer and prohibition of licensing of

Nonprofit motor vehicle dealers, licensing procedures, creation of

Nonprofit motor vehicle dealers, require salespersons licenses for

Operators' licenses and identification cards for offenders, documentation for, when effective

Operators' licenses and personal identification cards for felony offenders, required documentation

Personal communication device, prohibit the use of by drivers under the age of 18

Personal communication device, prohibit use while operating a motor vehicle

Personal communication device use while driving, prohibit only when vehicle in motion

Personal communication devices, use by minors while driving, prohibition of

Personal communication devices, use while driving

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Radius, increase from 10 miles to 25 miles

Recreational vehicles, sales tax, imposition of

Registration requirement, technical corrections

Rental vehicles, insurance for

Repair claims, claimant's right to choose facility

Repair claims, claimant's right to choose repair facility

Repair claims, right to choose repair facility

Shock probation, availability in DUI cases

Special FOP license plates, extra fee directed to the death benefit fund

Special license plate fee, WWII veterans, remove exemptions for

Special license plate for Silver and Bronze Star Medal recipients, creation of

Special license plates, notification of voluntary donations for

Special license plates, require cabinet to report denials to transportation committees

Special military-related plates, unlimited purchase of

Text messaging, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle

Texting while driving, prohibit only when vehicle in motion

Texting while operating a motor vehicle, change prohibitions for

Texting while operating a motor vehicle, clarify exemptions for

Theft offense, drivers license eligibility when restitution is unpaid

Theft offenses, loss of driving privilege

Titles, appeals relating to

Titling and registration of motor homes, required disclosure for

Towing and storage of, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for

Transportation Cabinet, storage of title records, elimination of requirement for microfilm

Trespass on retail and commercial premises, prohibition of

Usage tax, amend exemptions

Vehicle headlamps, required use during periods of precipitation

Vehicle registration reinstatement fees, clarify applicability to insurance suspensions

Vehicle title information, procedures for storage

Vehicles, coroner, blue lights, authorize use of

Vehicles, jail, authorization for use of blue lights

VIN requirement, technical corrections

Waste tire fee, reauthorization of

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