Police, State

911 communication, procedure for obtaining

Accident reports, open records, exemption from

Commercial motor vehicle inspectors, employment of

Commercial Vehicle Inspections, allow any peace officer designated by the KSP to perform

Concealed deadly weapon, statewide carry, add court commissioners

Concealed deadly weapons, statewide carry, add court commissioners, emergency

Conservation officers, assistance to other law enforcement agencies, procedure for

Controlled substances, disposal, pilot program, establishment of

Crime of disarming a peace officer, add new devices

Dementia, training for

Domestic violence, dating partners, include

Domestic violence, inclusion of dating partners

Domestic violence orders and criminal offenses, global positioning monitoring system for

Domestic violence, reporting and training requirements relating to

Electronic warrant program, establish

Expungement of record when person found innocent

Gang, criminal

Horse-drawn wagons, effect on highway safety and recommend statutory changes, study of

Kentucky State Police, pawnbroker transaction database, establishment of

KLEFP fund, agencies included in

Law enforcement agency, report VIN on stolen items to NCIC

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Murder, registration of offenders

Narcotic treatment programs, regulation of

Pawnbrokers, registry, require transactions of

Pawnbrokers, transactions, registry of

Peace Officer Professional Standards, loss of certification, increase break in employment before

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

Police officers, Bill of Rights, application

Sex offenders, prohibitions, restrictions, and registration requirements relating to

Sexual offenses, restraining order, issuance of

Trooper R Class, training and certification of

Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of

United States Mint Police, peace officer, powers of

United States Postal Inspectors, peace officer, powers of

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