Arbitration, enforcement of agreements

Between public agencies and contractor or subcontractor

Between public agency and contractor or subcontractor

Crime victims, lease or rental contracts, termination

Electrical service, discount, Ninetieth to the Ninety-ninth Representative Districts

Government, Child support, review of contracts for collection of

Government Contract Review Committee, omnibus revision for

Government, federal employment verification requirements

Health care, private health care, right to purchase

ICF/MR facilities, conditions for

Intrastate produced goods, federal laws, federal jurisdiction, removal from

Kentucky Proud products, use in state resort parks, promotion program

Medicaid, oversight of

Motor vehicle insurance, authority of attorneys to direct reparation benefit payments

Pawnbrokers, database providers, requirements

Pre-settlement funding, regulation of

Prevailing wage, increase threshold for

Privatization, requirements for

Public universities, financial and contractual relationship records, access to

State construction, registration for, foreign entities

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