Administrative Office of, drug offender registry

Administrative Office of the Courts, methamphetamine convictions, reporting of

Adult victimization, prohibitions on perpetrators of

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women

Animal impoundment, animal care, court ordered bonding and custody determination for

Brain injury, services for individuals, provide for

Branch Budget Bills, amendment of

Change of jurisdiction, case to remain in court in which filed prior to

Child custody, temporary

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Construction of statutes, statute provides no private right of action unless specified

County judge, fiscal court members, permission to carry concealed weapon in their courthouse

Court reporter board, establishment of

Court reporters, firms, licensure requirement

Courts costs, accounting of courthouse dedicated fees

Credit or debit card crimes, presumptions, evidence

Criminal records sealing, provision for

District court, civil jurisdiction, increase to $7,500

District court, small claims jurisdiction, increase to $3,000

District, small claims, jurisdictional limits

Domestic violence, dating couples, inclusion of

Domestic violence proceedings, dating couples, restrict to 18 or over

Expenditures, Web site showing

False claims, civil recovery for Medicaid Fraud

Foreclosure, statute of limitations for action on deficiency, reduction of

Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure

Increase civil jurisdiction to $5,000 and small claims jurisdiction to $2,500 for District Court

Increase jurisdiction of District Court to $5,000, small claims division to $2,500

Interstate trust companies, provisions allowing

Involuntary commitment information, KSP to transmit to FBI NICS background check system

Jurisdictional amount, increase District Court amount to $7500, small claims amount to $4,000

Jurisdictional limits, monetary amount of

Mental defective, commitment to mental institution, report to FBI,

Mental health commitment, firearms disability, remove reference to District Court, retain "court"

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Omnibus criminal justice revisions

Omnibus unauthorized alien act

Orders of protection, law enforcement training, require

Pre-settlement funding, 36% cap on fees and interest

Pretrial, probation, modifications to

Process, legal, directed to sheriff,

Public financing for campaigns, create program for

Public sale, licensed auctioneer, use of

Redistricting, court challenges to

Restoration of firearm rights, allowance only in court declaring the person mentally ill

Senior status judges, prohibition against running for office before completing five years in program

Sexual offenses, HIV testing upon victim's request requirement for

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

Small claims, District Court, jurisdiction increase

State funds, reporting requirements for expenditures, posting on Web site

Venue, civil action, real property, recovery of fine or forfeiture against public officer

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