Fiscal Note

Abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation of elderly and vulnerable, legal remedies

Actions against cities, KRS 411.110 repealed

Adult abuse registry, prepare to establish

Affordable Care Act, exclusion of abortion coverage for state insurance exchanges

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women

Angel investor tax credit program, creation of

Broad-based tax reform, income, sales, estate, tobacco, film tax credits

Budget Memorandum, requirement, deletion of

Capital projects, amend approval process for

Cattle, sheep, swine, or poultry drugs, exemption

Certificates of delinquency, amend sale and release procedures for

Certificates of delinquency, technical corrections

Charter schools, authorization for transfer of funds to

CHFS, health-facility-acquired infections, rate reporting and infection procedures

Child committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for

Cigarette tax evidence, deferred payment of

Clarification of assessment process

Community rehabilitation tax credit

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Compulsory school attendance age, raising of

Controlled substances, electronic data system, registration for

Credit for hiring legally blind or severely disabled individuals, delayed effective date

Death investigations, information relating to

Deaths in nursing homes, notification of coroners, investigation following certain

Diabetic shoes and inserts, fitting and management by a qualified pharmacist or pharmacy employee

Echocardiogram, require for newborn infants

Estimated tax penalty, amendment to mimic federal calculation

Family child-care homes, video monitoring, requirement of

Felony offenders, prohibition of employment of

Firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

Fireworks, omnibus chapter revisions

Fireworks, sales and storage, expansion of

Food stamp recipients, photo ID requirement at retail establishments

HB 105 to HB 199

HB 105 to HB 230/HCS

Health and Family Services, adult abuse registry, establishment

Health benefit exchange, prohibit abortion coverage by qualified plans

Health benefit exchange, prohibit abortion coverage for qualified plans

Health insurance, income tax exclusion for

Health insurance mandate, prohibit requirement

Homestead exemption, annual reporting of, not required in some circumstances

Interest calculation for tax overpayments and underpayments, modification of

Internal Revenue Code, update reference date of

Kentucky Board of Education, alternative education programs, administration of

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Master's degree for teachers, tax deduction for

Motor vehicle use tax, exclusion for personal trusts, clarification of

Natural resources severance tax

New market credit, calculation of interest payments, modify

Office of Homeland Security, 911 funding information, requirements for

Omnibus criminal justice revisions

Omnibus unauthorized alien act

Parole or release from prison, failure to secure employment not to affect

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for

Pseudoephedrine, Schedule IV controlled substance

Standards and criteria, nutrition and activity, child care, establishment of

Streamlined sales and use tax agreement, conforming changes

Tax increment financing, additional qualifying projects

Tax increment financing, extension of certain agreements

Tax, new vehicle trade-in allowance

Trusts, tax-exempt transfer of vehicles to

Unemployment benefits, eligibility of military spouses

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