Accounting firms, requirements for

Advance deposit account wagering, licensing of

Alcoholic beverages, musical performance, exemption to allow minors on premises

Assistance animal, licensing authority, approval of

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for non-issuance

Charitable gaming, licensing of

Child-care centers and certified family child-care homes, preliminary approval for

Child-care centers, video monitoring, requirement of

Court reporters, firms, requirements

Diabetes educators, licensing of

Electrical licensing and electrical inspecting and permitting, merger of statutes controlling

Electrician and master electricians, minors, requirements for

Elevator contractor licensing, exemption from

Emergency medical services, omnibus chapter revisions

Emergency medical technicians, certification of military personnel, make requirement for

Family child-care homes, video monitoring, requirement of

Fireworks, broaden sales, use, and possession of

Fireworks, sales and storage, expansion of

Gender language, clarification of

Ginseng, regulation of

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, journeyman mechanic licensure

Home inspector board, complaint and disciplinary procedures followed by

Home inspector board, powers, duties, and composition of

Home inspectors, licensing of

Home Inspectors, licensing of

Horse racing, interstate compact, establishment of liability and defense

Horse racing, interstate compact on racing and wagering, establishment

Horse Racing, interstate compact on racing and wagering, establishment

Horse racing, interstate compact rule-making process, requirement for

HVAC professionals, licensing of

Industrial hemp, growing of

Kentucky Radon Program Advisory Committee, clarification, duties of

Laboratories, water quality testing

Licensed health care practice, prohibit optometry statutes from interfering with

Licensure, Kentucky board of emergency medical services

Long-term care administrators, license for

Medical imaging technologists and radiation therapists, licensing and regulation of

Members of armed services and spouses, licensing of

Mini-truck sellers, motor vehicle dealer license requirement for

Optometrists, definition and practice restrictions of

Optometry board membership, expansion of

Peer review, peer review committee, clarify standards for

Plumbing code, laws, and regulations, penalties for violation of

Plumbing penalties, water heater serial number violations exempted from

Portal for businesses, establishment of

Practice of optometry, modifications to definition of

Promotional sampling of distilled spirits and wine, licensing of

Qualifications to perform optometric surgery, joint establishment by optometry and medical boards

Qualified pharmacist or pharmacy employee, fitting and management of diabetic shoes and inserts by

Radon mitigation and measurement contractors, radon laboratories, requirements for

Radon mitigation contractors, measurement contractors, radon laboratories, requirements for

Real estate appraisal management companies, criminal background check

Real estate appraisal management companies, criminal background check, citation correction for

Real estate appraisal management companies, registration of

Registered tattoo facilities, military disqualification notice to be posted by

Retail licensees, open on election days, separate locked department, allowance for

Retail sales of alcoholic beverages

Sale of alcoholic beverages, election days

Spouses of members of the armed services, licensing of

Stockyards and buying stations, regulation of

Stockyards, regulation of

Tobacco products, licensees, requirements for

Underground petroleum storage tanks, contractors' certification

Victims of accidents and disasters by licensed professionals, solicitation of

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