Motor Vehicles

Accidents, reporting of

Accidents, solicitation of business

Agricultural Program Trust Fund, voluntary donation for farm vehicle registrations, notification of

Bad faith claims, reparation benefits

Blue lights on jail vehicles, requirement for fiscal court approval

Child booster seats, increased age and height requirements

Deadly weapons, locations, in motor vehicle where permitted

Dealers, claims against manufacturers or distributors, guidelines for

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident color-coded stickers, requirements for

Disabled veteran license plates, 100 percent disabled veterans, three plates free of charge

Disabled veteran license plates, fee exemption

DUI, circumstances triggering aggravated sentencing

DUI, costs for suspect-directed medical tests

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, ignition interlock usage

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, use of prior convictions

Farm equipment, annual overdimensional permits to transport between dealers

Farm trucks, federal safety regs for trucks under 26,000 pounds, exemption of

Farm Trucks, omnibus revisions

Farm Trucks, safety requirements, prohibition of registration number requirement

Farm trucks, weight classifications, expansion of

Farm Trucks, weight classifications, expansion of

Forfeiture, DUI, conviction of

Headlamp use, required at all times vehicle is operated on highway

I Support Veterans special license plate, establishment of

Inspections, military personnel stationed outside of Kentucky, creation of form for

Instructional permit holders, require display of decals when operating a motor vehicle

Insurance repair claims, payments

Jail, use of blue lights

KAVIS System, use for registration and titling, restriction of

Manufacturer limits on dealer audits, clarification of

Medical insignia decals, number of

Mini-truck sellers, motor vehicle dealer license requirement for

Mini-trucks, inclusion in definition of

Mini-trucks, inclusion in definition of motor vehicle

Motor vehicle usage tax, phase-out of

Motor vehicles containing a child under the age of 17, prohibit smoking in

New passenger tires, information sheet on tire disposal, manifest for disposal, requirements for

Omnibus unauthorized alien act

Operator's license, renewal for persons aged 80 and older, visual acuity exam

Personal communication device provisions, persons under 18, additional exemption for

Personal ID cards, stickers identifying holders with autism spectrum disorder

Plug-in electric drive vehicles, income tax credit, provide

Public safety vehicles, yielding of right-of-way to

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Purple Heart license plate, requirements of design

Red and blue lights, sirens, use by coroner or deputy coroner

Reparation insurance benefits, authority of attorneys to direct payments

Repossessed vehicles, reporting of and procedures for, clarification of

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

Special license plates, notification of voluntary donations for

Speeding, fines for violations on 70 MPH roads

Tax, new vehicle trade-in allowance

Temporary tags, duration of

Texting, while operating a motor vehicle, additional exemption for

Theft of item with VIN, law enforcement agency, duty to report to NCIC

Transportation Cabinet, secretary, election of

Trusts, tax-exempt transfer of vehicles to

Use tax, exclusion for personal trusts, clarification of

Van-only disabled parking, requirements for

Vehicle headlamps, require use during periods of precipitation.

Vehicle plate to customer system, procedures for

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