Administrative Regulations and Proceedings

Administrative regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures

Administrative regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures and development of template

Administrative regulations, changes relating to emergencies, federal mandates, and required analyses

Administrative regulations, moratorium on filing and sunset provisions, establish

Administrative regulations, review authority, public policy concerns, and costs-benefit analysis

Alcohol and drug counseling, practitioners, licensure, certification, and registration of

Boilers and pressure vessels, review of regulations by board

Casino gaming

Certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensure status, additional requirements for the 300 hours

Commissioner of insurance, regulations relating to annuities

Complaints against police officers

Cosmetology board, require review by Dept. of Public Health for regulations

Cosmetology health and sanitation administrative regulations, Health and Family Services review of

Delayed effective date for administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of

Due process appeal procedures, termination of teachers

Education, Kentucky Board of

Energy and Environment Cabinet, safe drugs drop off program

Expert witness fees, Attorney General, recovery of

Finance and Administration Cabinet, certified and registered mail, state agencies, when required by

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

General Assembly, authority to review

General Assembly, authority to review, amend Kentucky Constitution regarding

Geothermal boreholes and systems, require EEC secretary to promulgate regulations regarding

Home medical equipment and services definition and fees, change in

Home medical equipment and services providers, licensure qualifications, establishment of

Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrical inspections and permitting

Hunter and bow hunter education, administrative regulations, Fish and Wildlife to promulgate

Kentucky Board of Education, career and technical education personnel, policies for

Kentucky Board of Education, compulsory school attendance age

Kentucky Board of Education, districts of innovation, implementation

Kentucky Board of Education, high school technology diploma, requirements for

Kentucky Board of Education, personnel evaluation system

Kentucky Board of Education, school improvement grant awards, criteria for

Kentucky Board of Education, students with disabilities, alternative diploma for

Kentucky Board of Education, superintendents training and assessment

Kentucky National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, regulations for

Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, master's degree, additional requirements for

Managed care organizations, Medicaid, fair hearings, establish requirements for

Medical imaging and radiation therapy board, promulgation of administrative regulations by

Out-of-state businesses, authorization of administrative regulations regulating

Overdimensional farm implements, escort vehicle requirement limits

Persons with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to executive branch state entities

Persons with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to state entities

Secondary metals recycler registration fee, administrative regulations for

Secondary metals recycler registration system, regulations for

Social worker continuing education credits, requirement for

Standard local tax form regulation, Interim Joint Committee on Local Government, assignment to

State Board of Elections, omnibus voter identification bill

State Board of Elections, promulgation of

State Police to promulgate administrative regulations for LEOSA update

Student Loan Corporation, collection of defaulted loans

Tattoo artists and body piercing technicians, training of and qualifications for

Transportation Cabinet, ability to promulgate regulations regarding driver license testing

Transportation certificates, limit human service transportation broker/provider protest authority

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