Banks and Financial Institutions

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Thomas W. Mattingly

Agricultural Finance Corporation board, Senate confirmation of

Agricultural Finance Corporation, regulation of

Condominium associations. liens, priority

Credit exposure of a person, inclusion of derivative transaction

Deferred deposit transactions, annual percentage rate and service fees

Derivative transactions, definition

Expedited foreclosure sale, procedure for

Foreclosure and deficiency judgments, time for bringing action

High-cost home loans, maximum points and fees

Indebtedness of a person, determination of by bank

Leases, construction of contract provisions

Livestock seller's lien, creation of and priority

Money transmitter licensees, investments, permissible

Money transmitters, receivable, define

Money transmitters, share or certificate of an open-end management company, authorize investment

Mortgage loans, natural persons, limited exception for

Public benefits, verification of legal presence

Retail installment contract, motor vehicles, interest computation methods

Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, urge Congress to enact

Robbery in the second degree, inclusion in violent offender statute

Security interests, perfection of, manufactured homes

Trusts and estates, administration of, probate matters

Urge Congress to pass the Capital Access for Main Street Act

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