Criminal Procedure

Abortion, informed consent requirement

Abortion, performance of in relation to fetal heartbeat detection

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Adam Walsh Act, provisions for compliance

Arrest for misdemeanor assault in hospital emergency room permitted

Bail credit, clarification of

Boating while intoxicated, prohibition of

Bringing a prisoner or patient from another state for treatment in Kentucky, requirements

Child abuse, duty to report, expansion of

Child pornography, viewing of

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Clear and convincing proof, utilization of as evidentiary standard

Concealed deadly weapon, court commissioners, license to carry statewide

Concealed deadly weapon on own real property without license, carrying permitted

Concealed deadly weapon, who may carry

Crime Victims Compensation Board, application, procedures

Crime Victims Compensation Board, restitution to

Criminal mischief, property covered by offense of

Cruelty to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions

Death penalty costs, creation of task force

Death penalty implementation, study of

Death penalty, replace with life imprisonment without parole

Death penalty, severely mentally ill defendant, preclusion of use for

Defrauding secured creditor, damage to collateral

Deliberations, jury, technical correction

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

DNA testing, availability of post-conviction

DUI, ignition interlock device, utilization of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test

Emergency medical services personnel, use of force against

Exonerated felon may bring civil action against state for wrongful incarceration

Expungement of records, criminal history

Expungement of records, process and fees for

Failure to report missing child

Federal "Secure Communities" program, required use of

Fraudulent firearm transaction

Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure,

Harassing communications, expansion of crime, and means of communication

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Home incarceration, terms of

Human trafficking

Incest, relationship, step-grandparent and step-grandchild

Jail credit for unpaid fines or costs, clarification of application

Kentucky Computer Decency Act, prohibition on anonymous postings

Licensing board, failure to notify of conviction, discipline, or surrender of license

Loss of consciousness, include within definition of "physical injury"

Material false statement of practitioner license application

Medical marijuana, authorization of

Medical parole, prisoners with substantial or chronic conditions, provision for

Metal sales ban, person convicted of named theft offenses

Minor, death of, when autopsy required

Minor, image of, protection for minor sending or possessing

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Missing minor 12 or under, duty to report

Move federal terrorism trial from Bowling Green, Kentucky to the Guantanamo detention facility

Pardon Board, creation of

Parole for prisoners with substantial or chronic medical conditions, provision for

Penal code, time limitations, change of must to shall

Pretrial home incarceration, sentence credit for

Pretrial home incarceration, sentencing credit for

Pretrial release and bail options, modification of

Probation for public employee or officer convicted of corruption, prohibition of

Profits of crime, seizure, payable to Crime Victims Compensation Board

Pseudoephedrine based drugs, provisions relating to

Pseudoephedrine based drugs, regulation of

Pseudoephedrine based medicines, regulation of

Pseudoephedrine-based drugs, provisions relating to

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Religious service, penalty for disruption of

Report of dead child, increased penalty, report of missing child, creation of offense

Retired Commonwealth's or county attorney, may carry a concealed weapon statewide with a license

Robbery in the second degree, inclusion in violent offender statute

Second degree manslaughter, child under age 13

Sentence credit for pretrial home incarceration, requirement for

Serial abuse of a child, creation of offense

Sex offender registration, change in requirements for

Sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required

Sexual offenses, definition of perpetrators, expansion of

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

Slayer statute, real estate professional's advice in relation to

Synthetic cannabinoids or piperazines, synthetic cathinones, expand definition of

Synthetic drugs, expanded definition of, new offenses, revised

Terms of imprisonment, technical correction changing must to shall

Theft related offenses, penalty increase for offenses committed against a pharmacy

Torture of an animal, crime of

Traffic safety programs, operation of

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

Unified Juvenile Code, review of, task force

Voiding of convictions for possession of controlled substances first degree, modification of

Wanton endangerment, child left in vehicle

Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty

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