Elections and Voting

Age requirement for mayors

Alcoholic beverages on election day, sale of

Area commission, referendum dissolution petition, 120 days to get signatures

Attorney General, nonpartisan elected official

Attorney General, non-partisan system

Campaign contributions

Campaign finance reports, thresholds and electronic filing

Candidate filings, verification of addresses

Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of

Casino gambling at no more than seven locations, constitutional amendment

Casino gaming at horse racing tracks, two other locations, constitutional amendment

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let voters decide

Casinos and wagering on sporting events, constitutional amendment to permit

Centralized voting centers, study of

Charter county government, exempt any city not voting for merger from charter county

Committee on Legislative and Congressional Redistricting, establishment of

Committee on Legislative Redistricting

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishment of

Congressional districts, redistricting, statewide plan

Congressional districts, statewide plan

Consolidation, election for consolidation

Constitutional amendment, abolish office of Constable

Constitutional amendment, abolition of office of constable

Constitutional amendment, even-year sessions of General Assembly, length of

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, authority to review administrative regulations

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Council and mayoral positions, minimum age requirement, lower

Counties, voluntary unification

County consolidation, funds for special election, from state

County consolidation, special election for

Dewayne Bunch Act, citation as

Electronic filing of campaign finance reports by statewide candidates, slates, and their committees

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Filing deadline for congressional candidates, extension of

Filing deadline of state legislative and appellate judicial candidates, extension of

Filing deadlines and primary, change date of

General Assembly, district numbers, elections following redistricting

General Assembly, odd-numbered year sessions, budget enacted in

General Assembly, terms of office

Governor and Lieutenant Governor, no campaign contribution from legislative agent

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Legislative districts created by redistricting, delay effect date until January 1, of the next year

Legislative ethics, changes to code

Local option election for casino gaming

Local option election laws, creation of task force to study

Local option elections, casino gaming approval for

Local option elections, day of election, primary or regular election

Local option elections, petition requirements, day of election, primary or regular election

Merged governments, cities may opt out of merger, clarify voter rights

Merged governments, exemptions for certain cities

Merged governments, voting requirements for.

Merger of governments, ratification of election, additional requirements for

Office of State Treasurer, abolition of

Petitions for local option elections, requirements for

Petitions for local referendum, requirements for

Planning commission, referendum dissolution petition, percentage of signatures needed, 15%

Planning commission, referendum dissolution petition requirements

Precinct election officers, absentee voting

Preferential voting in elections, study of

Presidential election by national popular vote, compact for

Public financing for Supreme Court judicial races, establishment of

Redistricting plans, standards for drawing, constitutional amendment

Redistricting, standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

Refund of filing fee, requirement of

Registration forms, information to include

Representative districts, statewide plan

Representative, Senatorial, and Supreme Court districts, statewide plan

Schools, polling places in

Senatorial and Congressional districts, statewide plan

Senatorial and Representative districts, statewide plan

Senatorial districts, statewide plan

Slate of candidates, designation of Lieutenant Governor candidate after primary

Special elections for General Assembly, conducted in one location if only one candidate qualifies

U.S. Constitution, amendment to clarify meaning of protected free speech in elections, support of

Voter identification, omnibus bill on

Voting rights restored to certain felons, voter's pledge, must sign

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