Insurance, Health

Actual charges, defined

Ambulatory surgical center, clarification of definition

Ambulatory surgical center, clarify definition of

Ambulatory surgical center, procedures regarding and definition of

Chiropractic services, reimbursement requirements

Chiropractors, coinsurance or copayment, establish maximum percentage

Chiropractors, contract protections

Contraception coverage, Health and Human Services, required by

definition of actual charges

Dental plan, establishment of fees for noncovered services, prohibition of

Firefighter disability payments, increase

General Assembly, examine traumatic brain injury need for rehabiliation coverage, encourage

Home medical equipment and services definition and fees, change in

Home medical equipment providers, Health care provider or provider definition, inclusion of

Kentucky Health Information Technology and Meaningful Use Awareness Day, designation of

Limited health service benefit plan, provider agreement

Limited health service benefit plan, provider agreement, restrict

Limited plan, fees for noncovered services fees, prohibit

Mail-order policies and practices, encourage evaluation of

Medical and accident, Kentucky Board of Education, responsibility for

Motor vehicle reparation benefits, reimbursement of health benefit plan

Pain management facilities, payment requirements

Payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment

Penalties and fines, not to be used to compel participation

Pharmacy audit, Medicaid audits by Department of Insurance, subject to

Pharmacy audits, confidentiality requirements, amendment of

Pharmacy audits, record retention requirements subject to federal regulations, addition of

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority for

Plant based diet, nutrition, improvement of

Prescription drugs, step therapy or fail-first protocol, limitation

Procurement of, requirements for local entities

Refusal to agree to limits on fees for noncovered services, not to affect agreement or fees

Reporting requirements, long-term-care facilities

School-located influenza immuniztion programs, point of service reimbursement

Specified disease coverage, definition of "actual charge," delete

Unfair trade practices, restricting benefits otherwise provided under a health benefit plan

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