Legislative Research Commission

Administrative regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures

Administrative regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures and development of template

Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee, authority of with respect to review of regulations

Administrative regulations, changes relating to emergencies, federal mandates, and required analyses

Administrative regulations, costs-benefit analysis required

Administrative regulations, moratorium on filing and sunset provisions, establish

Alcoholic beverage law, creation of task force on

Audits of state agencies, findings of improper financial handling, reports of

Bills and amendments containing redistricting plans, five day public access prior to GA action

Centralized voting centers, study of

Commission on redistricting, work of referred to proper committee

Committee on Legislative and Congressional Redistricting, proposal, consideration of

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, attached to

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, proposal, consideration of

Computing devices, fifth and sixth grade students, study of

Corrections impact statement requirements, modification of

Death penalty costs, creation of task force

Death penalty implementation, study of

Designation of appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Designation of appropriations or revenue measure in House, rule for

Electrical inspection and licensure, creation of task force on

Electrical inspection and licensure, final report from task force on

Job sharing program for state employees, Personnel Cabinet study of

Kentucky Council on Revenue Reform, revenue system, review of and reporting to legislature

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, proposal, consideration of

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative ethics, changes to code

Medicaid managed care companies, establish greater oversight of

Nutrition studies, programs, direct review of

Standard local tax form regulation, Interim Joint Committee on Local Government, assignment to

Statewide strategic planning committee for children in placement, report for

Substance abuse screening, requirement for legislator participation

Task force study, report to

Uniform Indexing System, task force on created

Vehicles, mandatory inspection of

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