Police, State

Arrest for misdemeanor assault in hospital emergency room permitted

Blue Alert System, emergency alert system, requirement of federal government authorization for use

Child fatality and near fatality, external review panel, membership of

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Concealed deadly weapon information to be placed on Web site

Dementia training, first responders in caring for affected citizens

Disabled parking, fines for violation of, distribution of

Disposition and sharing of reports

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

DNA testing, availability of post-conviction

Failure to report missing child

Federal "Secure Communities" program, required use of

Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons

Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure,

Horse-drawn wagons, study of effects

Human trafficking unit, create within Department of Kentucky State Police

Human trafficking unit, designate within Department of Kentucky State Police

Kentucky Blue Alert Network, creation of

Methamphetamine contamination, determination of

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Missing child, failure to report, Caylee's Law

Missing minor 12 or under, duty to report

Naming in honor of individual or group

National and State Background Check Program

Pawnbrokers, background checks, precious metals and gemstones

Pawnbrokers, transaction database, establishment

Report of dead child, increased penalty, report of missing child, creation of offense

Reporting of death, add State Police, increase penalty to felony

requirement to report abuse, rape, or neglect; establishment of criminal penalty

Retired, carrying concealed deadly weapon, LEOSA update

Search for lost person with a disability, procedures

Search for missing minor, reporting requirement

Secondary metals recyclers, name-based background checks for

State/Executive Branch Budget

Uniform citations, distribution to Health Departments

Unsolicited advertising, littering, penalty for

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