Technical Corrections

Agreed case, submission to court, technical correction, change must to shall

Appeal procedure, gender equity

BR 1920, make gender neutral

Child support order, pleading, change must to shall

Compulsory school attendance age, optional raising of

Court costs, gender equity

Defendant to an action, creditor, technical correction, change must to shall

Deliberations, jury, technical correction

Domestic violence provision, make gender-neutral

Forfeiture, technical correction

Gender neutral language, use of

HB 137

HB 146

HB 155

HB 200/HCS

HB 215/HCS 1

HB 237/HCS 1

HB 259

HB 260/GA

HB 260/HCS 1

HB 265

HB 265/HCS1

HB 300

HB 356

HB 395

HB 441

HB 441/SCS

HB 474

HB 485

HB 495

HB 499

HB 502

HB 518/GA

HB 54

HB 545/GA

HB 545/HCS 1

HB 550/HCS 1

HB 552

HB 564


Insurance provisions

KEES supplemental award

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Make technical corrections, definition of "travel retailer"

Penal Code, implementation of, technical correction, change must to shall

Penal code, time limitations, change of must to shall

Public advocacy, department of

Retired justice or judge, compensation and expenses of, gender equity

SB 132

SB 152

SB 184

SB 24

SB 38

SB 3/HCS 1

SB 64

SB 86

SB 88

SB 90/GA

State agencies, public lands, maintenance of, composting

State Fair Board members, Senate confirmation of

Statute of limitations, change must to shall

Terms of imprisonment, change must to shall

Veterans' organization, property tax rates

Veterinary chapter, revisions to

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