4-H Youth Development, honoring

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, James R. Mahan

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Karen M. Curtis

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Patrick M. Henderson

Agricultural food donations, allow income tax credit for

Agricultural land rock quarry exemption, public road, no transporting across

Amusement rides, penalty, violation information

Animal shelters, euthanasia, gas chambers, prohibition of

Bans on food, beverages, or containers, prohibition against

Biofuels, request university research on

Board of Agriculture, meetings of

Board of Agriculture, requirements of

Bovine assessments, administration of

Catfish, commercial anglers, regulation of

Cellulosic ethanol research, universities, report of

Coleman, Steve, honoring on retirement

Contract agreements, supplier and retailer relationships

Coyotes, population control, year-round open season for

Estimated tax payments, extend due date for

Farm registration, incorporate gender-neutral term

Food Checkout Week, recognize

Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers

Forest land, sustainability of

Grain indemnity fund, date of license renewal, amendment of

Grain indemnity fund, licensing, bonding, requirements for

Hemp, regulation, KSP, agencies, universities, roles in

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Industrial hemp, monitoring, grower documentation

Industrial hemp production, license system for

Industrial hemp research program and grower licensure, establish parameters for

Industrial hemp, testing and monitoring, requirements of

Intrastate farm trucks, federal safety regulations, exemption from

Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural History, designation of

Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolishment of

Livestock, expand definition of

National Day of the Cowboy, urge support for

Poultry importation, sales, establish standards for

Rock excavation, farm use, permit exemption for

Rock quarries on farmland, exemption allowed, rock must not cross public road

Sand and gravel operations, in stream removal, requirements for

second generation biofuels, research of

Standardbred development fund, eligibility for

State entomologist, gender-neutral references for

TMDL development, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, notice to

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Total maximum daily loads, water quality, notice requirements for

United Nations Agenda 21 regarding sustainable development, prohibition of

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