Budget and Financial Administration

Appropriations and financial aid, public universities

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriate funds for

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly compensation

Economic incentive programs, reporting on

Establish Priorities of Government Spending and Budget Reform Task Force

General Assembly members, extraordinary sessions, compensation during

General fund debt limitations, establish

KEES, dual credit expenditures, designation as necessary governmental expense

Kentucky Retirement Systems unfunded liability trust fund, clarify

Kentucky Retirement Systems unfunded liability trust fund, creation

Operator's license reinstatement fee, distribution of

Postsecondary education, capital projects

Property leased by state, improvements threshold amount requiring amortization over life of lease

Public transportation projects, public-private partnership for financing of

Reallocation of funds to support the Kentucky retirement systems

Roll call vote, requirement for

State agencies, leased premises improvements, reporting requirements

State employee compensation fund, establishment and funding

Transportation projects, procurement methods

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