Accessibility and residential elevator mechanic license, replace limited license with

Acupuncture, licensing of

Advance deposit account wagering licensees, taxation of

Advanced practice registered nurse, prescriptive authority

Advanced practice registered nurses, collaborative agreements for prescriptive authority of

Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for

Alcoholic beverage licensing, license types and local fees related to

Alcoholic beverage sales and licensing, omnibus bill on

Amusement rides, penalty, violation information

Anesthesiologist assistants and supervising anesthesiologists, requirements for

Appraisal management companies and real estate appraisers, requirements for

Appraisal management company recovery fund, payments to appraisers from and balance of

Appraisal management company recovery fund, purposes of

Art therapists, licensing of

Athletic trainers, licensure of

Barbers, licensure education requirements

Board of Barbering, Hairdressers, and Cosmetologists, creation of

Board of EMS, Public Protection Cabinet, transfer to

Breweries, sampling at

Casino employees, licensing of

Casino gaming, licensing of

Charitable gaming, bingo paper exemption

Chiropractic, technical corrections for

Concealed carry license, use of military training for

Concealed weapon carry license, length of residency, approval time

Cosmetologists and nail technicians, services to hospice patient, authorization

Counties containing cities of the first class, removal of special alcohol licensing ratio for

Counties with cities of the first class, retail package liquor licenses in

Craft distillery, licensing of

Craft distillery souvenir retail liquor license, requirements of

Electrical inspectors, certification required

Electricians, fines for violations

Embalmers and funeral directors, board per diem

Embalmers and funeral directors continuing education sponsors, review of fee

Embalmers and funeral directors, reciprocal license, establish requirements for

General Assembly to authorize casino gambling and its regulation

Household goods movers, certificate and fee; make requirements for

Hunting and fishing, restructuring of certain licenses and permits

HVAC contractor, qualifications for

HVAC journeyman, experience in other states

Incompetency to stand trial, effect on motor vehicle operator's license

Industrial hemp, growing of

Land surveyors, statute of limitations relating to

Limited elevator mechanics, licensure requirements for

Microbreweries, license requirements of

Microbreweries, sales at

Motel drink license, bed and breakfast or other hotel or motel facility receipt of

Naloxone, permit prescription

Physician assistants, practice limitations on

Physician assistants, waiting period before practice in a separate location by

Primary or election day, licensed alcohol sales permitted during

Professional and driver's licenses, suspend or revoke if a delinquent taxpayer

Qualified historic site, definition of

Radon contractors, certification and practice, requirements for

Retail package and drink licenses, KRS 241.065, repeal of

Retail package liquor licenses, population ratio for issuance of

Roofing contractors, licensing of

Senior/disabled hunting and fishing license, qualifications for, disability insurance beneficiaries

Small businesses licensed prior to January 1, 2013, exempt from some alcohol sale provisions

Souvenir retail malt beverage license, creation of

Transportation of household goods, certificate of compliance

Wine or malt beverage sampling license, special downtown events allowing

Wine sampling license, special downtown events allowing

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