Occupations and Professions

Accessibility and residential elevator mechanic license, replace limited license with

Acupuncture, licensing of

Advanced practice registered nurses, collaborative agreements for prescriptive authority of

Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for

Anesthesiologist assistants and supervising anesthesiologists, requirements for

Appraisal management companies and real estate appraisers, requirements for

Appraisal management company recovery fund, payments to appraisers from and balance of

Appraisal management company recovery fund, purposes of

Apprenticeship, definitions and agreement requirements

Art therapy, licensing of

Athletic trainers, licensure of

Auctioneers, dissolving trust or LLC, permit individual party bids on

Barbers, licensure education requirements

Board of Barbering, Hairdressers, and Cosmetologists, creation of

Board of EMS, Public Protection Cabinet, transfer to

Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics, membership and fees

Casino suppliers, licensing of

Chiropractic, technical corrections for

Cosmetologists and nail technicians, services to hospice patient, authorization

Credentialing, Medicaid, requirement

Electricians, fines for violations

Electricians, inspection requirements

Embalmers and funeral directors, board per diem

Embalmers and funeral directors continuing education sponsors, review of fee

Embalmers and funeral directors, reciprocal license, establish requirements for

Emergency Medical Services, board attorney, hiring requirements for

Emergency Medical Services, presence at race track, requirement for

Household goods movers, certificate and fee; make requirements for

HVAC, journeyman licensure requirements

HVAC contractor, qualifications for

Independent contractors, determination of

Limited elevator mechanics, licensure requirements for

Midwifery, licensed practice of, establish

Motor carrier safety training, annual requirement for

Ophthalmic surgeons, ambulatory surgical centers, certificate of need exemption

Physician assistants, practice limitations on

Physician assistants, waiting period before practice in a separate location by

Radon contractors, certification and practice, requirements for

Roofing contractors, licensing of

Scrap metal recyclers, online database, registration with

Secondary metals recyclers, identification and restricted metals, provisions for

Suicide training, certain mental health professionals, requirement for

Suicide training, required of certain mental health professionals

Transporters of household goods, certification of

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