Police, State

Capital offenses, use of revenge killing as aggravating circumstance

Certificate for driving, establishment of

Certificate of driving, establishment of

Commercial vehicle enforcement officers, employment of retirees

Concealed carry license, use of military training for

Concealed deadly weapon, retired peace officer, permission to carry statewide with license

Concealed weapon carry license, length of residency, approval time

Concurrent jurisdiction, lands of the Interior located in Kentucky, criminal enforcement for

Disabled parking, fines for violation of, distribution of

Disabled parking, fines for violation of, increase of

DNA collection, collection at booking

DNA collection, requirement as part of booking

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

DNA testing, availability of post-conviction

Driving privileges, use of foreign operator's license by non United States citizens, provision for

Duty to warn, expanded definition of mental health patient

Family benefit, law enforcement officer, firefighter killed or disabled in line of duty

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

GPS monitoring, warrant requirement for

Hemp, regulation, KSP, agencies, universities, roles in

Human trafficking unit, designate within Department of Kentucky State Police

Industrial hemp grower licensure, Kentucky State Police review and inspections

Industrial hemp, testing and monitoring, requirements of

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Semiautomatic assault rifle, prohibition of auction by State Police, disposition of

Training, suggested annual training on Alzheimer's disease

Uniform citations, distribution to health departments

Uniform citations, distribution to Health Departments

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