Small Business

Angel investments in small businesses, tax credit for, creation of

Appraisal management company education, research, and recovery fund, establishment of

Appraisal management company recovery fund, payments to appraisers from and balance of

Appraisal management company recovery fund, purposes of

Apprenticeship, agreement requirements

Barbers, licensure education requirements

Craft distilleries, requirements for

Credit card sales, minimum transaction permitted

Credit cards, surcharge on buyer, requirements for notice of

Credit cards, surcharge on buyer, disclosure of

Credit cards, surcharge on buyer, prohibition of

Dextromethorphan, possession and retail sale, prohibition

Embalmers and funeral directors, board per diem

HVAC contractor, qualifications for

Identification numbers, consolidation of multiple numbers used in state reporting

Identification Numbers, consolidation of numbers with various state agencies

Independent contractors, determination of

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Kentucky Business Investment Program, definition of economic development project

KIFA investments in small businesses, expansion of tax credit for

Microbreweries, malt beverage sales at

Microbreweries, sales at

Motel alcohol drink license, bed and breakfast or other hotel or motel facility receipt of

Radon contractors, certification and practice, requirements for

Retail package and drink licenses, KRS 241.065, repeal of

Sale of malt beverages, exmption from provisions of the Act

Scrap metal recyclers, online database, registration with

Secondary metals recyclers, identification and restricted metals, provisions for

Small Business Tax Credit Program, short title for Subchapter 60 of KRS Chapter 154

Small businesses licensed prior to January 1, 2013 exempt from some alcohol sale provisions

Transporters of household goods, certification of

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