Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Betty B. Bailey

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Samuel E. Moore

Agricultural Development Board, Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation, reorganization of

Agricultural operation interference, prohibit forms of

Agricultural products, commercial transportation, weight tolerance for

Beekeeping, remediation of illegal activities relating to

Bees and hives, inclusion in livestock and poultry disease control disposal protocols

Conservation contribution, income tax credit for

Cooperative extension, commemorate 100 years of service

Cooperative Extension Service, celebrate 100th anniversary

Cooperative Extension Service, recognizing

Department of Corrections, expansion of Farm Operations Program

Egg carton consolidation, health, safety, private enterprise

Egg consolidation, enhance standards for

Endangered or threatened plant species, taking, prohibition against and penalty for

Food Bank Day, declaration of

Food, genetically engineered, labeling of

Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers

Gender- specific language, elimination of

Genetically engineered crops, recognize importance of

Georgetown, Festival of the Horse, agricultural event, resolution for

Honey bees, research of

Honeybee decline, university research into

Horse farming, payments from the Kentucky Thoroughbred development fund

Horse industry, provide support for

Hunting and fishing on own farmlands, residents only, requirement for

Industrial Hemp Commission membership, removal of legislative members

Innovations in agricultural methods, dairy farming, resolution for

Livestock brands, process for

National Agriculture Day, recognition of

Noxious weeds, invasive plants, eradication of

Old tobacco barns, urge rehabilitation, preservation

Pari-mutel wagering, allocation for

Pawpaw tree, official fruit tree of Kentucky, name and designate

Population worldwide, correction of fact

Recognizes Tater Day, recognition as an agricultural event

Shell egg cartons, lot consolidation and repacking

Spencer County High FFA teams, honoring

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, agriculture

State/Executive Branch Budget, Agriculture

Sweet Owen Days, recognition as an agricultural event

Taking rare and endangered plants, clarification of types of property affected

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Toyoda Gosei Afforestation Project Event, commemoration of

United Nations Agenda 21 regarding sustainable development, prohibition of

Wildlife on farmlands, hunting and trapping of

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