County Clerks

Accessible parking placards, application, advanced practice registered nurses, permit to sign

Accessible parking placards, limit one per person

Charitable collection of funds

Charitable collections

City classification system reform

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident material, requirements for

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident stickers, requirements for

Election of statewide constitutional offices, change to even-numbered year

Election precinct boundaries, extension of time to establish

Election results, prohibit reports until after all polls in state are closed

Elections, petitions of nomination, change filing deadline

Elections, voting machine or absentee ballot, candidate's name, more than once

FOP Special License Plate, decrease initial fee

FOP Special License Plate, increase donation to FOP Death Fund for initial plate

Gold Star Siblings license plates, establishment of

Junked vehicles, confirmation of lien and tax status with county clerk

Local option elections, day of primary or regular election

Nonmerit employees, appointment of, travel required prior to

Primary filing deadlines, change date to end of December

Proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Separate statement of rates on tax bills, require

Special military service academy license plate, establishment of

Special military service academy license plates, establishment of

Voter identification, omnibus bill on

Voter registration, information on procedures, fish and wildlife license or permit applicants

Voting in centralized locations, viability of

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