Labor and Industry

Add gender neutral language

Apprenticeship, definitions and requirements

Bonds, industrial revenue, reinvestment in manufacturing sites

Collective bargaining, allow public employers to terminate coverage under KRS chapter 345.

Corporate owned life insurance, establish requiments for

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, J. Gregory Allen

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation of appointment, R. Roland Case

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation of reappointment, J. Landon Overfield

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation of reappointment, Jeanie Owen Miller

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation of reappointment, John B. Coleman

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation of reappointment, Robert L. Swisher

Employee misclassification, information sharing agreements and reports

Employee misclassification, responsibility for determining

Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for

Entrepreneur-in-residence program, accelerate innovation

Exclusion from overtime, in home care employees

Expunged criminal records, allow inspection when required by federal or state law or regulation

Firefighter, occupational disease, cancer

Firefighter, occupational disease, presumption for cancer

funding commission, addition of board members

Insurable interest, life of employees

Kentucky Jobs Retention Act, expand eligibility for incentive projects

Labor cabinet, settlement of special fund claims; delete funding

Labor Cabinet, settlement of special fund claims delete funding

Labor cabinet, settlement of special fund claims, funding, deletion of

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty

Legislative Research Commission, sexual harassment, employees, reporting by

LLCs and partnerships, require documents to prove compliance if requested, delete annual filings

Minimum amount of gross volume of sales for certain businesses, increase of

Minimum wage, increase for tipped and nontipped employees and for exempted employers

Minimum wage, increase threshold for exclusion from

Minimum wage, increase to $29 per hour

Motor carrier transportation contracts, indemnification clauses in

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Place of employment, statewide indoor smoking prohibition, exceptions

Prevailing wage, educational buildings and facilities, exclusion of

prevailing wage, repeal for school construction

Schools, prevailing wage, elimination of

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

State minimum wage for tipped employees, increase

State minimum wage, increase

State minimum wage, increase, for tipped employees

State/Executive Branch Budget

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin

Work hours for minors

Workers' compensation, attorneys' fees, disability awards

Workers' Compensation Board, confirmation, Michael W. Alvey

Workers' Compensation Board, confirmation, Rebekkah B. Rechter

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, amendments to funding

Workers' compensation, increase attorneys' fees and extend termination date of income benefits

Youth referees or official for athletic program, exempt from prohibition against gainful employment

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