Confirmation of Appointments

Beach III, Charles, Kentucky Housing Corporation Board of Directors

Boyd, Grayson R., Kentucky Board of Education

Buddeke, Charles, Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority

Carson, George A., Parole Board

Collins, Roy G., Agricultural Development Board

Cook, Debra L., Kentucky Board of Education

Gailor, Russell, J., Fish and Wildlife Commission

Haydon, Lisa, Lottery Corporation Board of Directors

Hinkle IV, Samuel D., Kentucky Board of Education

Hubbard, W. Bryan, Mine Safety Review Commission

Hunt, Wayne, Agricultural Development Board

Jones, Jaye Shannon, Parole Board

Kinney, Stephanie L., Department of Workers' Claims

Levy, Udell B., Department of Workers' Claims

Logsdon, Daniel E., Jr., Public Service Commission

Loretta Elizabeth Lynch, United States Senate confirmation of

Marcum, Roger Lee, Kentucky Board of Education

Mattingly, Robert D., Kentucky Registry of Election Finance

Mattingly, Thomas W., Agricultural Development Board, confirmation of

Noffsinger, Barry G., Kentucky Housing Corporation Board of Directors

Parks-Coates, Neeka L., Parole Board

Parrent, Jonathan V., Kentucky Board of Education

Privett, Nawanna B., Kentucky Board of Education

Richardson, Tilford R., Lottery Corporation Board

Spears, Amanda, Parole Board

Stivers, Franklin A., Kentucky Workers' Compensation Board

Stotts, Barry W., appointment, Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission

Twyman, William L., Kentucky Board of Education

Wells, Robert Lappin and Fish and Wildlife Commission

Wheeler, Mary Gwen, Kentucky Board of Education

Williams, C.F. "Frank," reappointment, Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:10 PM (EST)