Corrections Impact

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Aircraft, prohibit the discharging of lasers at

Alcoholic beverage control law, omnibus bill relating to

Assault in the third degree, inclusion of assaults against public utility workers

Board of Medical Licensure, licensure of genetic counselors, requirements for

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Boating under the influence, penalties for

Breastfeeding standards in the workplace, establish

Careless driving involving death or physical injury, penalty

Controlled substances, acetylfentanyl, addition to Schedule I

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to

Controlled substances, treatment, penalties and protocols relating to

Costs of extradition, allow the sentencing court to require a convicted person to pay

Criminal attempt to commit murder of peace officer or firefighter, classify as violent offense

Criminal GPS tracking, offense of

Cruelty to animals, adequate shelter

Day reporting centers, usage of

Death penalty, replace with life imprisonment without parole

Department of Corrections, expansion of Farm Operations Program

Domestic violence, pretrial release hold

Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution

DUI, admissibility of controlled substance testing

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, penalties imposed.

Expunged records, prevent introduction of

Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungement of records, criminal history

Gambling devices

Gambling, devices and penalties

Heroin trafficking, penalties and release authority relating to

Human trafficking, commercial sex, mistake regarding age

Ignition interlocks, usage of

Ignition interlocks, Usage of

Inmates, time frame for waiver of fees and court costs in civil action

Interpersonal protection order

Interpersonal protective orders, establishment of

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, creation of forensics office

Justifications, use of force

Kentucky Department of Education, compilation of required reports

Manslaughter in the first degree, elements of

Marijuana possession and cultivation, adjustment of penalties for

Misdemeanor sentencing, prior convictions, evidence of

Misdemeanors, reclassification as prepayable violations

Persistent felony offender sentencing, limitation

Protective orders, extension of

Protective orders, stalking

Restraining order, victim of sex offense, violation of

Secondary metals recyclers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles

Sentence credits, application to misdemeanants

Sentence enhancement, fourth degree assault, previous violations of KRS 508.010, 508.020, or 508.030

Serial abuse of a child, creation of offense

Sex crimes, provide for gender equality

Sex offender registration, change in requirements for

Sex offenders, prohibition of presence on publicly owned playground

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

State prisoner, gross misdemeanant, payment for

Strangulation, offense of

Teachers, required nonteaching time

Unmanned aerial vehicle, disruption of hunting

Violent offenders, qualifying offenses for designation as

Zohydro, classify as Schedule I

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