General Assembly

Adjournment, sine die

Administrative regulations, constitutional amendment, permit to approve or disapprove

Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date for

Attorney General, response to legislative request for opinion

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishment of

Concealed carry license, authority as to legislators

Constitutional amendment, compensation suspended

Contract Review Committee, contingency fee legal services contracts, report on

County jail restricted fund, establishment and funding

Federal Environmental Regulation Impact Assessment Task Force, establishment of

Filing deadline for independent candidates and third-party candidates, change of

Franklin Circuit Court, alternative concurrent jurisdiction, creation of

Gaming, authority to approve

General fund-supported debt limitations, establish

General laws, no exemption in

House of Representatives, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment of

House of Representatives, pastors, invitation to

House of Representatives Rules, adoption of

House Rules 37, 39, and 41, amendment of

House Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict adjustment of

Kentucky Citizens' Commission on Judicial and Legislative Compensation, establishment of

Kentucky Legislative Black Caucus, Black History Program, keynote speaker Raymond Burse, honoring

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Oversight Taskforce, establishment of

Legislative compensation, setting of

Legislative Research Commission, special committee to conduct search for permanent director

Legislative Research Commission, staff management and structure, implement recommended changes

Legislators, nonpartisan staff transfers, prohibited to direct

Legislators' Retirement Plan, actuarial reporting requirements

Legislators' Retirement Plan, ban placement agents and require adherence to state contract laws

Legislator's Retirement Plan, housekeeping Bill

Legislators' Retirement Plan, study transferring administration to Kentucky Retirement Systems

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Medical review panel process, waiver of

Members, election of, filing deadline change for

Military Education, Interstate Compact, clarification of legislative membership on state council

Motor fuels tax, no change without action of General Assembly

Public pension funds, disclosure of placement agents

Public Pension Oversight Board, oversight of additional state-administered retirement systems

Public Pension Oversight Board, restriction on appointments to

Public-private partnership agreements, legislative review and authorizations for

Redistricting, standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

Regular Session, Part One, adjournment of

Retirement, discontinue coverage for new members and allow opt-out for current members

Retirement, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for service to Gen. Assembly

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

Retirement, limitation on creditable compensation growth

Retirement, require state retirement systems to disclose legislators' retirement account information

Retirement, require the Legislators' Retirement Plan to disclose retirement account information

Retirement, restrict account consolidation

Retirement, restrict consolidation of retirement accounts

Roll call vote for appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Salary, direct deposit, limitation on

Second amendment and firearms, protection of

Section 43, immunity from general law, prohibition of

Senate, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment of

Senate, membership of, establish

Senate, membership of, establishment

Senate, pastors, invitation to

Senate Rules, adoption of

Statement of financial disclosure, include names of clients for consulting services

Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of

Tobacco use in state buildings and schools, prohibit

United States Constitution, Article V convention to consider balanced federal budget, call for

U.S. Constitutional Convention, delegates to, limitation of authority, enforcement of

U.S. Constitutional Convention, delegates to, responsiblities of

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