Insurance, Motor Vehicle

Accident, contact by an intermediary prohibited

Accident, contact by provider or intermediary prohibited

Accident, PIP claim release, waiting period to obtain

Accident, prohibit solicitation of person by healthcare provider within 30 days of accident

Accident, regulatory sanctions against healthcare provider for solicitation of person

Accident, tort liability release, waiting period to obtain

Basic reparation benefits, authorize local boards of education to set aside funds

Chiropractors, utitlization review of services pursuant to basic reparation benefits provided by

Credit scores for underwriting purposes, prohibit use for insureds age 65 and older

Healthcare provider, requirement to report suspected violation, deletion of

Provider, pursuit of collection for solicited services, prohibition of

"Service contract," define

TNC, insurance, disclosure and sharing of information required

TNC, proof of insurance to be carried

Transportation network companies, insurance requirements for

Transportation network companies, license fees, prohibition

Uninsured coverage, named insured coverage request after rejection

Uninsured vehicle coverage, only first named insured may reject.

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