Accountants, requirements for

Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, academic requirements for

Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for

Alcoholic beverage licensing, omnibus bill relating to

Auctioneers, auction house operators, licensing requirements for

Auctioneers, new requirements for

Authorized public consumption license, commercial quadricycles may receive

Authorized public consumption license, creation and regulation of

Barbers, licensing, fees, qualifications

Board of Medical Licensure, licensure of genetic counselors, requirements for

Brewer incompatible licenses, current licenses exempted from

Brewer or microbrewery license, direct sales to retailers through

Brewers and microbreweries, distributor licenses granted to

Charitable gaming, electronic pulltabs use in

Charitable gaming, extension of exemption

Charitable gaming facilities, exemptions for

Charitable gaming, licensing of

Charitable gaming, use of electronic pulltabs in

Child-care centers, radon inspection for

Concealed carry instructor trainers, prior experience required

Concealed carry weapons, training for, certificates of completion

Concealed carry weapons, training for, handgun cleaning

Constable Certification Program, creation of

Distilleries licensed by the state, distilled spirit by the drink sales authorized at

Electricians, credit toward licensing fees

Elevator contractor, repeal qualifications for licensure prior to 2012

Fire protection sprinkler contractor, technical corrections

Fortified wine, production and sale by licensed small farm wineries

Home medical equipment, reciprocal license, clarify requirements for

Horse racing, losing mount fees for Thoroughbred jockeys

Horse racing, paint horse breed, establish requirements for

Housing, Buildings and Construction, elevator mechanic, licensure of

HVAC, credit toward licensing fees

HVAC licensing, clothes dryer work by a journeyman plumber or HVAC mechanic exempt from

International horse racing event at licensed tracks, pari-mutuel excise tax exemption for

Licensed diabetes educators, requirements for

Locksmiths, licensing and apprentice structure

Low voltage electric, make requirement for

Malt beverages, distributors and brewers, requirements and prohibitions for

Malt beverages, incompatible licenses for

Marriage license, information contained on

Microbreweries, requirements for

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, alcohol service by retail licensees prohibited

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Physician assistants, supervising physicians allowed to supervise up to four

Physician specialty certification and maintenance testing, employment discrimination relating to

Physician specialty certification and maintenance testing, prohibition against

Plumbers, credit toward licensing fees

Racing commission, licensing of historical racing, require

Racing commission, paint horse member, delete requirement for

Real estate licensees, education requirements for

Real estate licensees, post-licensing requirements for

Real estate licensees, requirements for

Resident hunting or fishing license, military personnel, status in another state immaterial

Retail food establishment wine license, creation and issuance of

Revised standards for denial of alcohol service by alcohol licensees, removal of

Roofing contractors, certification of

Sport fishing license requirement, landowner exemption for private waters

Veterinarians and other qualified persons, horse inspections conducted by

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