Environment and Conservation

Abandoned and Free-roaming Horse Task Force, establishment of

Abandoned utilities, 24 month prior notice, deletion of

Abandoned water vessels and docks, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, removal of

Carbon emission allowances, allocation of, coal jobs lost to decreased coal production

Carbon emission allowances, allocation of, coal-fired units, Clean Air Act

Change of NORM to TENORM, inclusion of landfill operators, technical corrections

chemical weapons, treatment and disposal of

Chemical weapons, treatment and disposal of

Clean Power Plan, administrative regulations, permit conditions, prohibition of

Coal mining, overburden disposal in streams, prohibitions against

Compliance costs of environmental requirements, prohibition until compliance required

Displacement of waste haulers, public hearing and notice requirement for

Electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements and penalties for

Electricity, renewable sources required

Elk Zone, disabled hunter post season quota hunt, establishment of

Energy and Environment Cabinet, nuclear power facility, review of regulations

Gray water, on-site sewage permit, definition and conservation credits for

Ground water, geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vertical closed loop well installation

Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program, electricity rates, Public Service Commission directed to modify

Kentucky pipeline safety fund, establishment of

Kentucky pipline safety fund, establishment of

Kentucky Water Resources Board, establishment of and purposes for

Make grammatical and technical corrections for

Mine foreman, annual training requirements, satisfied under federal training requirements

Mine safety, coal mine inspectors, end program for

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, regulatory responsibility and regulations for

NORM, oil and gas exploration, make grammatical and technical corrections

Off-road recreational all-terrain vehicle usage as a catalyst for economic development, study of

Oil and gas fracking wastes, special wastes, prohibited from classification as

Oil and gas, stratigraphic test wells, regulatory requirements for

Outdoor recreational opportunities, Congressional action, support for

Petroleum storage tank fund, tank removal, program extension for

Pipeline spill preparedness plans, establishment of

Prescribe Fire Council Burn Boss Program, exemptions for

Prescribed Fire Program, license, training, responsibility for

Sewer utilities, notice for abandonment, surety guarantee for 5 years, requirement for

Solid waste, conveyance and content, regulation of

Special wastes, landfills, construction and operation, setback requirements for

State/Executive Branch Budget

Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of

Waste-to-energy facilities, regulation of, minimum setback distances for

Water resources, Division of Water, study directed

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