Fiscal Note

911 emergency services, funding of

ABLE Account, creation of program within Treasurer's Office

Acquired brain injury, treatment and faciltiies to exempt insurer from asessment

Alcoholic beverage control law, omnibus bill relating to

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders for

Autism coverage claims, insurers, information to be provided by

Automotive recycling dealers, exemption from title requirements for the purchase of certain vehicles

Benefits for death in the line of duty, emergency medical services providers, inclusion of

Benefits for death in the line of duty, inclusion of emergency medical services providers

Board of midwiferey trust and agency fund, appropriation of

Capital projects, cash projects authorized under certain conditions

Certificate for driving, establishment of

Charity auction, exempt

City regulatory license fee on alcoholic beverages sales, expansion of

Coal miners, retraining and reemployment program

Coal severance revenues, distribution

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, pay equality

Commonwealth's attorney, requirement for full-time service

Construction of educational buildings, prevailing wage, elimination of

Cordia Boys' Basketball Team, honoring

Cost of goods sold, expanded definition for limited liability entity tax

County jail restricted fund, establishment and funding

CPR training in high school, requirement for

Death certificate, pronouncing physician

Department for Medicaid Services, submission of waiver

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources conservation officers, KLEFP fund, inclusion in

Department of Libraries and Archives, Books for Brains Program

Distilled spirits wholesale sales tax, rate, reduction, August 1, 2016

Earned income tax credit, establish

Economic Development Cabinet, creation of genomic science program

Education Professional Standards board, transfer of sick leave from school district employees

Education savings plan trust, income tax deduction for

Election of statewide constitutional officers, change to even-numbered year

Equine production inputs including on-farm facilities, exemption

Executive Brance Code of Ethics, omnibus revision

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, lobbying registration fee, increase in

Film industry incentives, enhanced incentives counties

Finance and Administration Cabinet, health insurance trust fund, allocation of plan year surplus

Fire protection and volunteer fire department districts in consolidated local government, tax rates

Firefighters, presumption of cancer as cause of death of in the line of duty

Health and Family Services, emergency custody order, conditions related to an order

Health plan, retail pharmacy, different cost-sharing from mail-order pharmacy, prohibited

Hiring of coal workers, unemployment tax credit expanded

Incentives for coal mining or processing companies through the KEIA program

Interest rate on overpayments and underpayments, modified

Juror pay and expense allowance, increase

KEES, allow use for graduate degree program

KEES, comprehensive transition program, amounts increased for

KEES, dual credit courses eligible for

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Kentucky Asset Liability Commission, authorization for funding notes for KTRS

Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust, deduction for contributions to

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, administer dual credit scholarship program

License tax, exemption for certain entities

Licensing, credit toward licensing fees

Local Code enforcement, omnibus revisions

Local property tax, exemptions for certain data centers

Medicaid eligibility, property, fair market value for

Medicaid Services, Medicaid managed care organization appeals

Medical loss ratio reporting

Motor Vehicle usage tax, exemption, transfers between siblings

Natural resources severance and processing tax, refunds

New markets tax credit, terms for qualification and reporting requirements

Organ donation, tax credit established for promotion of

Pension surcharge on state contracts

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Poultry and bedding for animals, exemption of sales or purchases

Prescription drug costs, limitation on amount of copayment and coinsurance

Presumption of cancer as cause of death in the line of duty of firefighters

Problem and Pathological Gamblers Awareness and Treatment Program, establishment of

Property tax, homestead exemption, disabled verterans and law enforcement officers, amendment

Property tax, municipal solid waste disposal facilities, modification of

Real property, establish fixed tax rate

Recording of grave space inventories, $25 fee for

Registry of Election Finance, new restrictions on certain organizations and expenditures

Reimbursements, annual supplement police and firefighter increase

Report on funds provided to area development districts

Research and development at public universities, tax credit to promote

Restaurant tax, levy, purposes, calculation, and distribution

Sales and use tax, bees and beekeeping supplies, exemption

Sales and use tax, construction contractors, exemption

Sales and use tax, disregarded entity, exemption

Sales and use tax, drug exemption for cattle, livestock, poultry, and aquatic organisms

Sales and use tax exemption for certain steel blast furnace projects, August 1, 2016

Sales and use tax, livestock, poultry, and equine drugs, exemption

Sales and use tax, textile linens, exempt, August 1, 2016

School improvement tax credit and scholarship tax credit, creation

SEEK calculation, exempt local effort amount in certain districts

Sexual assault evidence collection kits, processing of

Social service workers, death in the line of duty benefits, eligibility for

Special purpose governmental entities, review of fee and ad valorem tax increases required

State Board of Elections, omnibus no-excuse in-person absentee voting bill

State Police, establish salary schedule

Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed use development, expansions of

Tobacco products excise tax, increase in rate

Transient room tax for urban-county government

Transportation Cabinet, equitable pay within job classifications

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Twelve hour hold for certain arrestees who pose a danger to their victim, imposition of

Veteran-owned businesses, fees applying to

Veteran-owned businesses, Secretary of State business filing fees, exemption from

Voluntary preceptor tax credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Volunteer firefighters, tax credit for

Water withdrawal fees, not subject to state and local taxes

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, creation of

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