Bills with Two Reading in the House

House Bill: 12, 18fas, 20cs fas fta, 51, 56, 57, 77cs ca, 99cs fa, 112, 161, 191cs fa, 194fa, 198cs fa fta, 215cs, 222fas ftas, 231, 242cs cta fas fta, 246fa fta, 278css fas, 283cs fa, 288, 299cs, 312fa, 363, 372cs, 373, 387fa, 401, 421cs fas, 430fas, 432cs cta fas, 454fas, 461fa, 512cs, 518, 525cs, 556fa, 561fa, 607cs fas
House Concurrent Resolution: 14
House Joint Resolution: 100
House Resolution: 236
Senate Bill: 2fas, 23fas ftas, 45fas ftas, 81cs, 96ca fas ftas, 119, 175, 224fa, 246fa, 300fa fta

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:08 PM (EST)