Administrative Regulations and Proceedings

Abandoned water vessels and docks, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, removal of

Administrative regulations, department of insurance, require the promulgation of

Administrative regulations with major economic impact, delayed effective date for

Adult Education, alternative high school diploma program

Appeals to Franklin Circuit Court, alternative concurrent jurisdiction, creation of

Attorney General, charitable organizations, publication of financial accountability

Attorney General, notices relating to concealed weapons

Bible literacy courses, Kentucky Board of Education promulgation regarding

Board of Education, 30-minute lunch for K-5 students, requirement

Board of Education, lunch period as instructional time, 30-minute requirement

Board of Education, military-connected student identifiers

Board of Education, new standards and assessments review process

Board of Medical Licensure, medical marijuana

Board of Pharmacy, fees for licensure

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, state registrar of vital statistics, marriage licenses

Charter schools, exemption from

CHFS Secretary, promulgating regarding nurse aide requirements

Commercial recreational ziplines, state regulation of

Commissioner of insurance, autism coverage claims, insurer to provide information established by

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly approval or disapproval of

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, permit to approve or disapprove

Criminal asset science and forfeiture, Attorney General

Dense breast tissue, information to be provided

Department for Local Government, constable certification fund

Department for Public Health, medical marijuana

Department of Agriculture, heritage barn tax credit

Department of Corrections, Farm Operations Program

Department of Education, minimum adequate insurance requirements for student transportation

Department of Revenue, qualified conservation contribution tax credit

Department of Veterans' Affairs, Women Veterans Program

Department of Workplace Standards, apprenticeship tax credit for small business

Dept. of Revenue, permission to publish forms and instructions

Disabled parking space standards, Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction to establish

Disabled parking space standards, establishment by Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction

Division of Emergency Management, emergency management personnel, death benefits for

Division of Emergency Management, sexual offender registry checks for rescue squad members

Driver's license reciprocity, contract with another country for

Drones, use of on state-owned property, require Office for Homeland Security to promulgate

Emergency Medical Services, average cost of air ambulance services

Energy and Environment Cabinet, Clean Power Plan, implementation, prohibition against

Energy and Environment Cabinet, nuclear power facility, review of regulations

Energy and Environment Cabinet, waste flow charts, gray water conservation credits

Energy and Environment Cabinet, waste-to-energy facilities, regulation of

Energy and Environment, Natural Gas Fuel Fleet fund administration

Finance and Administration Cabinet, disabled veteran-owned business certification

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Old Governor's Mansion, Lieutenant Governor's residence

Finance and Administration Cabinet, public-private partnership procurement

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

Health and Family Services, in the line of duty death benefits, eligibility for

Health and Family Services, Problem and Pathological Gamblers Awareness and Treatment Program

Home telemonitoring regulations, promulgation of

Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrician education and exam

Insurance, pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Kentucky Board of Education, evaluation of charter schools

Kentucky Board of Education, teacher due process appeal procedures

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Recreational Therapy

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, dual credit scholarship program

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, KEES award, comprehensive transition program

Labor, employee misclassification

Licensure or certification for military service member and veterans

Medicaid Services, Medicaid managed care organization appeals

Midwifery, practice of

Omnibus revisions

Overdimensional steel products, permit process

Public advocate, legal assistance, payment for

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy sports, standards and requirements for

Registry, promulgation of administrative regulations, penalties and remedies

Revenue, Natural Gas Fuel Fleet fund tax credits

Revenue, property tax on unmined minerals

Revenue, rural growth fund tax credit

State Board of Elections, student election assistants

State Treasurer, promulgate an exemption, certain claims

Transportation Cabinet, certificate for driving

Transportation Cabinet, driver license testing

Transportation Cabinet, operator's license testing

Transportation Cabinet, promulgation of regulations regarding driver license testing

Transportation Cabinet, promulgation of regulations regarding operator's license testing

Transportation Cabinet, public-private partnership procurement

Utility shutoff protection, Public Service Commission

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