Campaign Finance

Building fund accounts, allow state executive committees to establish

Building fund accounts, allow state political party executive committees to establish

Candidate contributions for fundraising events, limits, increase to

Candidates for Governor, business and individual state and federal tax returns, filing of

Contribution limits, increases to

Contributions prohibited, parties to public-private agreements, for a period of time

Definitions, add to, electioneering communications

Legislative agent, races eligible to vote, campaign contribution allowed in

Legislative agents, allow for contributions to a candidate under certain circumstances

Registry of Election Finance, confirmation, Elizabeth G. Weber

Registry, promulgation of administrative regulations to clarify penalties and remedies

Registry, tax returns of certain candidates and slates of candidates, maintained as public records

Reporting, electioneering communications

Reporting, single threshold, establishment of

Reports, duplicate paper copy to clerks, deletion of requirement

Reports, number of, reduction in

United States Constitution, amendment to, urge Congress to propose

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