County Clerks

Address protection program participant, acceptance of substitute address

Candidates and slates of candidates, income tax returns, filing requirement

Candidates for Governor, business and individual state and federal tax returns, filing of

Clerks required to print names issues and Web site in newspaper, not ballot

Commissioner of Education, nonpartisan of

Deeds, title examinations, performance of

Disabled parking placards, hole-punch system, requirements for

Disabled parking plates, parent or guardian application for

Drug conviction data, inclusion in to KASPER electronic monitoring system

DUI, cases pending, reporting of

Election of statewide constitutional officers, change to even-numbered year

Elections, absentee ballots, time for challenge and counting

Elections, student election assistants

Elections, student election assistants, authorize appointment

Financing statement, continuation statement filing, clarification of

Fire districts, trustees and elections

Liens against real estate, release of

Local option elections, day of primary or regular election

Marriage license, county clerk, form of

Marriage license, form of

Marriage licenses, issuing and recording of

Matrimony and marriage documents, recording of

Motor vehicle transfer, statement acknowledging receipt of documents for

Nonmerit employees, appointment of, travel required prior to

Notary fees, remove limitation on certain actions.

Omnibus no-excuse in-person absentee voting bill

Property requiring certificate of title, security interest, perfection of

Real property filing requirements in Kenton County, repeal of 1860 Act

Regional public records and licensing administrators to assume certain duties of

Shelter and advocacy center funding, increase in

Special license plates, Gold Star Families

Special license plates, Gold Star Sons and Daughters

Special military license plates, requirements, change

Tax, marriage licenses, duty to collect

Title lien information, entering of information into Automated Vehicle Information System

Title lien information, require entering within five days of receipt of

Ttitle on abandoned vehicle on issuance of title by clerk or affidavit of master commissioner

Voter identification, U.S. government cards, accept of

Voter registration records, Social Security numbers redacted before inspection or duplication

Voter registration records, Social Security numbers, redaction requirement

Voter registration records, Social Security numbers, require redaction

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