Education, Higher

ABLE accounts, report required

ACT examination, change references to

Benefits, inclusion of surviving family of emergency medical services providers

Capital projects and bond oversight committee, procedures for considering projects

Capital projects, cash projects authorized under certain conditions

Career and technical education, urge continue collaboration to promote

Cash or debt-financed projects authorized under certain conditions

Cell tower placement, when PSC to be notified, universities, exemptions

Computer science programming, enhancement and support of K-12 teachers of

Construction of educational buildings, prevailing wage, elimination of

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Council on Postsecondary Education, State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement

Credit for military service and training, statewide policy, creation and implementation of

Dual credit scholarship program, establishment of

Emergency medical services providers, death benefits

Financial aid, eligibility for

Foster children, tuition waiver

Freedom of speech, public postsecondary institution's ability to restrict, limitation of

Funding for costs associated with ABLE accounts, directed to seek

High School Equivalency Testing program, replace GED program with

Institutional financial aid, Postsecondary institutions to communicate information on

KEES, allow students attending out-of-state high schools to earn

KEES, allow use for graduate degree program

KEES, comprehensive transition program, amounts increased for

KEES, dual credit courses eligible for

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Kentucky Community and Technical College System board of directors, duties of

Kentucky Community and Technical College System chief executive officer, selection of

Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust, deduction for contributions to

Kentucky Educational Television programming, cable and satellite providers, encouraging offering of

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, recognize 50th anniversary of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, membership of

Kentucky workforce investment initiative, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Oversight Task force, establishment of

Lottery funds, diversion, prohibition of

Measles and meningococcal immunity, require full-time resident students to provide evidence of

Measles immunity, require students to provide evidence of

Measles immunity, requirement for full-time resident students to provide evidence of

Pension surcharge on nonparticipating employees

Performance-based funding, establishment of

Public postsecondary institutions, governing boards, required orientation and education program

Public postsecondary institutions, the consideration of certain adopted children's hardships

Public-private partnerships, framework for use thereof by universities

Religious and political expression and assembly

Research and development at public universities, tax credit to promote

Savings plan trust, income tax deduction for

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lift prohibitions on

Seek funding and report to Legislative Research Commission, directed to

State/Executive Branch Budget, Council on Postsecondary Education

State/Executive Branch Budget, postsecondary education

State/Executive Branch Budget, supplemental appropriations

Student volunteer service, trust fund for

Textbooks, Gatton and Craft Academy students, purchases by local districts

Tuition and fees increases, prohibition of

Tuition at public universities, in-state tuition for military reservists

Tuition waiver, eligibility of student for

University of the Cumberlands, President Larry L. Cockrum, honoring

Veteran, certification as teacher

Volunteer service, require credit or recognition for

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, creation of

Work ready scholarship, define participating institutions for

Work ready scholarship, eligibility requirements for

Work Ready Scholarship Program, clarify requirements for

Workforce Oversight Task Force, addition of additional duties

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