Elections and Voting

Abolition of office, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to choose

Absentee ballot, automatically eligible for, voters over 65

Alcohol local option elections, modifications and additions to

Alcoholic beverage sales, local option elections relating to

Campaign finance, allow legislative agent to contribute under certain circumstances

Campaign finance, legislative agent, races eligible to vote, contribution allowed in

Campaign finance, new restrictions on certain organizations and expenditures

Campaign finance reports, number of, reduction in

Campaign reports, single threshold, establishment of

Candidates and slates of candidates, income tax returns, filing requirement

Candidates for General Assembly, filing deadline, second Tuesday in January

Cities, governance, wards, hybrid system

Cities or counties, limited restaurants, local option elections for

Clerks required to print names issues and Web site in newspaper, not ballot

Commissioner of Education, nonpartisan election of

Constable, constitutional amendment, allow legislative body of county or city to abolish office of

Constitutional amendment, abolition of office, removal of powers, reversal of abolition allowed

Constitutional amendment, change election year of statewide constitutional officers

Constitutional amendment, elections, limitation of spending on, urge Congress to propose

Constitutional amendment, elimination of Office of Judge of County Court in merged local governments

Constitutional amendment, elimination opportunity in consolidated local government

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, administrative regulations, permit final say

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, approval or disapproval of administrative regulations

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

County consolidation, special election for

County consolidation, state funds for special election

Distillery local option election, ability to conduct in dry or moist territory

Distillery on-premises sales, local option elections regarding

Election day, school districts to close if school is used as a polling place

Federal and state, business and personal income tax returns, certain candidates, public record

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

General Assembly, terms of members, limit

General Assembly, terms of members, limitation

General Assembly, terms of members, limitation on number

In-person absentee voting, eligibility and procedure for

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Legislative ethics, campaign contribution, definition of "accept"

Local option election, city adjacent to a waterway may conduct

Local option elections, day of primary or regular election

Local option elections, deletion of the seven-year wait period for

Local option elections, petition requirements for

Notary fees, leave absentee ballot fee unchanged

Notice given by county clerks about ballot changes, clarification of

Omnibus no-excuse in-person absentee voting bill

Personal identification card or operator's license, voter identification

Poll workers, student election assistants

Redistricting, standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

Restoration of voting rights, constitutional process of granting

Robocalls, definition of, standards for

School board members, number of petitioners requirements

School districts that extend across county lines, process for ballot access and vote totaling

Slate of candidates, designation of Lieutenant Governor candidates after primary

Voter identification, U.S. government cards, accept of

Voter registration, 4 p.m. local time, deadline for timely submission

Voter registration, fraudulent, gender equity in

Voter registration records, Social Security numbers redacted before inspection or duplication

Voter's residence, determination of

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to

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