Secretary of State

Candidate, state and federal business and personal income tax returns, filing requirement

Candidates for General Assembly, filing deadline, second Tuesday in January

Candidates for Governor, business and individual state and federal tax returns, filing of

Certain candidates and slates of candidates, income tax returns filed, requirement

Clerks required to print names issues and Web site in newspaper, not ballot

Commissioner of Education, election of, constitutional amendment proposed for

Concealed deadly weapon, allow current or former to carry anywhere in the Commonwealth

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Elections, prohibitions on electioneering, private property exception

Elections, student election assistants

Notice given by county clerks about ballot changes, clarification of

Public benefit corporations, establish

Secretary of State's office, reorganization, Executive Order 2015-01

State and federal business and personal income tax returns, filing with Executive Ethics Commission

State/Executive Branch Budget

Time of election, move to even-numbered year

Veteran-owned businesses, fees, exemption from

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