Occupations and Professions

Active military and veterans, professional licenses, issuance of

Advanced practice registered nurses, prescribing authority, controlled substances

Amusement and recreational employees exclusion from overtime requirements

Amusement and recreational employees, exclusion from overtime requirements

Apprentice HVAC licensure, Labor Cabinet responsible for

Athlete agents, parent or guardian acting as

Athlete agents, registration of

Blow drying services, cosmetologist board license to conduct

Blow drying services, education and examination requirements for licensure

Boiler inspectors, boilers and pressure vessels, exemptions for

Casino occupations, licensing for

Chiropractors, licensing of

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

Cosmetologists, practicing outside of licensed salons

CPA firms, attest services performed by

Develop training for heavy equipment operators and commercial drivers' licenses

Development of training and apprenticeships, executive branch to assist in

Dieticians, licensing of

Disability insurance coverage, procurement of

Electrician licensure, education and experience requirements for

Electrician's license, application for

Electricians, procedures regarding provisional and lapsed licenses

Emergency medical services, update certification and licensure

Employment protection for National Guard members, clarification of

Estheticians, education required for

Funeral directors and embalmers, continuing education requirements for

HVAC contractors, licensing requirements for

HVAC, definitions revised

HVAC inspectors, certification requirements for

Malt beverage distributors, designated territories of

Master HVAC, license extension when deceased

Medical review organizations, confidentiality of information on staff with privileges

Microbreweries, shipping and delivery, prohibition of

Microbrewers, limitations on sales by

Microbrewers, limitations on sales of malt beverages

Microbrewers, payment of wholesale tax by

Microbrewers, shipment of malt beverages prohibition of

Notaries public, appoint task force to review

Nurses, licensure requirements

Occupational boards, license issuance by

Occupational boards, licensing and procedural matters relating to

Occupational boards, powers and duties of

Occupational licensing regulations, agency review of

Omnibus administrative revision relating to numerous occupations and professions

Pawnbrokers, identification required by

Pawnbrokers, requirements for

Physical therapists, criminal background investigation required for licensure

Physician assistants to prescribe controlled substances, authority for

Physicians, licensing of

Pregnancy and related conditions, accommodations, prohibiting discrimination

Pregnancy and related conditions, prohibited discrimination, required accommodations

Private investigators, licensing of

Professional midwife, certification of

Proprietary institutions, licensing and standards requirements

Public Protection Cabinet, Office of Administrative Hearings, establish

Public Protection Cabinet, Professional Licensing Legal Division, establish

Qualified mental health professional, inclusion of physician assistants

Radon measurement contractors, mitigation contractors, and laboratories

Real estate transactions, seller's disclosure of conditions form for

Receipt of complete application, 30 day timeframe, receipt of

Schedules for employees

School Bus Driver Day, designatiing May 1 as

School Bus Driver Day, designating May 1 as

School guidance counselors, changing terminology for

School speech pathologists or audiologists, requiring supplement for

Surgical assistants, licensing of

Taxes, county occupational license, crediting provisions for certain counties, removal of

Taxes, county occupational license, maximum percent for certain counties, removal of

Unemployment insurance for seasonal/on recall employees

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusions from structural steel welding

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