Animals, Livestock, and Poultry

Animal abuse offender registry, establishment of

Animals, sexual crimes against, offense of

Assault on a service animal, first degree, inclusion of assistance animals

Assistance dogs, prohibiting misrepresentation of

Cruelty to animals in the second degree, prohibition of all animal fighting or poisoning

Cruelty to animals, penalty for, increasing

Cruelty to equines, establish offense of

Cruelty to equines, prohibition of

Cultured animal tissue, meat, meat product, misbranded

Danger of death, dog or cat, removal from vehicle, civil immunity

Deer and elk, abandoning usable meat, prohibition on

Department of Agriculture, animal control officers, continuing education

Dog vendors, regulation of

Horseshoes, restrictions on use on highways

Imitation meat products, USDA, jurisdiction

Kentucky Farm Bureau, anniversary, recognition of

Kentucky Springseat Saddle, official state saddle, designation as

Landlord and tenant, assistance animals, prohibition on misrepresentation of

Landlord and tenant, assistance animals, requirements to claim a need for

Landlord and tenant, assistance animals, result of false claims regarding

Landowner capture or vaccinate feral cats, removal of requirement for

National Beef Month, recognizing

National Pork Month, recognizing

Outdoor animals, requisite care to be provided

Outdoor sheltering and care of dogs, establishment of standards

Sexual crimes against animals, creation of offense of

Sexual crimes against animals, forfeiture of custody, return to owner

Soybean Month, recognizing

Statewide youth crossbow deer hunting season, establishment of

Torture of a dog or cat, Class D felony

Wild game meat, restrictions on abandonment, administrative regulations

Working animals, protection of

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