Environment and Conservation

Abandoned storage tank facilities and wells, remediation and reclamation of

Air quality fee structure, collection of permit or registration fees

Class B firefighting foam, training and testing, discontinued

Contained landfills, municipal solid waste disposal facilities, notices of violation, local notice

Contained landfills, notices of violation, notification of local officials

Contained landfills, notices of violation, off-site impacts

Drainage districts, location of city boundaries on map, removal of unused city government forms

Electricity, renewable sources required

Eligible customer generators, solar power, restore soft one percent cap

Environmental emergencies, notification of local officials

Hardwood forest products industry, trade protection, level playing field

Hazardous waste facilities, notices of violation, notification of county officials

Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program, boards of education, mandatory enrollment, repeal of

Marine sewage pumpout facilities, required record of use, vessel and marina owners

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local goverment

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local government

Net metering compensation rate, kilowatt-hour denominated energy credit

Net metering compensation rate, Public Service Commission, ratemaking process

Net metering, compensation rates for excess generation, costs and benefits, consideration of

Net metering, eligible electric generating facility, include energy storage and leased systems

Net metering, fixed and demand-based cost, recovery of

Oil and gas conservation, reference to outdated city forms, removal of

Plastic convenience items, prohibition of, delayed implementation dates for

Power purchase agreements, solar and wind power exclusively

Preservation easement, Historic Places, recommendation before sale or transfer

Quarterly solid waste action reports, complaints, investigations and actions

Small drinking water systems, maintaining water quality, study of

Soil conservation districts, removal of reference to villages

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, amending of, mandatory membership

United States Department of Agriculture, offices within, update references to

Water infrastructure, task force, wastewater systems, addition of

Water quality, Martin County Water District, source of degradation

Water well driller's assistants, requirements, certification, fees, requirements for

Wild Rivers Act, removal of reference to "village"

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